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Love Lock Wallet

$12.00  Now $6.00

A bow and leopard are held in a love lock. Wow! What a wallet!

  • 6"L x 1"W x 3 3/4"H
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Love Lock Wallet 4 5 1 1
CUTEEEE <3 but.. OMG I bought this in store like 2 weeks ago &&' it's SUPERB cute ! I love it so much , I carry it everywhere !! There are few things I don't like about this though (it's cute , yuss) The fact that the part where you lift up to open can bend easily bend and not so easily bend back is a really annoying fact , but you know , no big deal , it doesn't really matter much The other IMPORTANT thing I hate the most is that when putting in cash , you have to fold you money in half ! Like it will NOT fit if you leave your cash straight out ! when you fold it , there are empty space left (half of half your bill) and I didn't really think it's really right.. I would suggest to who ever made this to make the wallet longer do you cash can fit straight out Due to that ^ , I also suggest lowering the price to around $7-10 since I personal think $12 is a bit over board.. It was WAY TOO CUTE so I pretty much ignored the price and got it but still .. THATS PRETTY MUCH IT BUT ITS SUPERB CUTE I WOULD RECOMEND IT ! I GOT TONS OF COMPLIMENTS ON HOW CUTE IT WAS cuteee<3 I can't stop loving this wallet (althought I am looking for more ;)) August 3, 2012
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