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Holographic Nail Art Kit

$12.00  Now $6.00

Create a dazzling holographic look with this nail art kit. Includes transfer glue, clear nail polish and four holographic foil sheets.

  • Transfer glue: .12 oz.
  • Nail polish: .17 oz.
  • 1. Apply polish to the nail.
  • 2. When polish is dry, apply transfer glue to the nail.
  • 3. Wait 60 seconds.
  • 4. Apply foil sheet to nail and press firmly.
  • 5. Gently rip sheet off your nail.
  • 6. For best results, add a top coat.
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Holographic Nail Art Kit 2 5 1 1
I was really excited to get this.. But when I used it the results weren't what I expected. I've used this twice and each time the finished look wasn't very pretty. When I painted the glue on and waited for it to get tacky, and the part came to put the foil on, I found when I removed the foil a lot wouldn't stick to the nail and I'd have to put the foil back on and it just made the foil look really uneven and gummy. October 8, 2013
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