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Eye Glitter Set

$5.50  Now $2.75

You'll draw major attention with this eye glitter set. Don't be afraid to blend colors for eye-popping results.

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Do you want chunky glitter suspended in colorless goo? Unless you're looking for chunks of glitter suspended in a colorless goo, I wouldn't waste your money on this, even if it is on sale. Regardless of other negative reviews that I've seen about this product, I decided to try it for myself since it was in clearance. Big mistake. If you want to take off your makeup, the glitter gets all over your face and when I swatched them on my hand, the glitter literally wouldn't come off for days, no matter how many times I washed them. Also, there is hardly any product in here - I hit pan on it the one time I attempted to use it. Overall, just save any hassle and your money and do not buy this product. November 1, 2013
Depends on how you use it. I don't know if I was just unlucky but with the one I got, the color doesn't show when you wear it, with kind of gloppy and the sponge brush seems a bit cheap. BUT I had found a way to get my moneys worth out of it. I found plain white glitter and a glitter tower in Claire's. Put this product on as eye shadow then the powder glitter over it and you've got color. Use the clear of this under your eyes or across your cheeks as you would blush then use white powder glitter over it softly and your face sparkles pleasantly. It works well depending on how you use it. Sadly I dropped mine and now the case is cracked and doesn't clip closed anymore. I still must say it's a good buy though! Remember. Just because it doesn't work for it's purpose doesn't mean it won't work in some other way. BE CREATIVE! January 22, 2012
Awesome product 4 your eyes!!!! wow, this stuff is AWESOME!!!!!!! you have got to get some. it looks just amazing on your eyes, when you stand under the light it glitters like crazy!! i would recommend this to anyone. amazing product, when it runs out i will definitely be getting more! :) November 4, 2011
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