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Be Charmed By This Charm Necklace

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What's cuter than this necklace? Nothing! Be charmed by this charmer.

  • Chain: 19"L
  • Pendants: 1/2"L - 1 1/2"L
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Insta-buy! When I first saw this, it looked cute, smart, and COLORFUL. If you like school, food, and other random stuff like an alligator, you'll <3 this! You can use your creativity in many ways with this necklace. Example: If you connect the alligator and the cracker by putting the alligator's teeth in the cracker holes. The alligator's eating the cracker. June 2, 2012
artistic sense if your like me you like attention excitment and art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well this necklace is tots me!!! you can tell by all the crazy charms.oh and in the top right corner if you zoom i like cupcakes too. itll make sense if you zoom in the TOP RIGHT CORNER!!!!!!! May 9, 2012
Very nice!!! This necklace is great!!!Everybody exept my mother liked it alot. I like it because it looks very playful with this many charms. April 30, 2012
this product has great feaatures. this is great my teacher and friends liked it alot April 2, 2012
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