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Got Any Gum Drops

$5.50  Now $2.75

Never run out of fun or gum with these drops. Have a ball with these gumballs!

  • 1"L
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Gum balls These are sooo cute..they go with every thing and every where...small and light weight,and they are a conversation starter um..... April 14, 2014
Adorable I love these they are so adorable!! they do fall of but not if you put the backs on. My dog just chewed through mine so I guess I'll be buying another pair. December 31, 2012
they fell apart before I could get them in my daughters ears I ordered these my daughter and the silver portion where you would normally insert money fell off. I even try to super glue and that didn't work. August 16, 2012
Adorable I fell in love with these when I saw them, especially since they have tiny little "candies" in them. August 13, 2012
these are very unique well i read the first comment saying that they fall a lot and i wonder did she put the little things that make the eating not fall? if you don't then for sure that they will fall and brake. i did put them on, with the things that came with it and is made for the earrings not to fall, and they stayed perfectly for the whole day but just don't go in the pool with them! ;) Hope this help for a lot of you guys :) July 29, 2012
They are cool-ish. I guess........... I wore them to school for the first time and the same one kept falling out of my ear.Well,I thought it was my ear's fault so I put the earing that kept falling out into my other ear,but it stilll fell out and broke open! Little plastic thing-a-ma-jigers fell on the floor.That made me sad. April 7, 2012
this product is very unique i think these r preeeetty cool and u should soooo buy them March 9, 2012
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