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CZ 3 mm Round Magnetic Earrings

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Product Code : 92251

These mini faux diamonds deliver big shine. Pair them up with your other earrings to amp up your look.

  • Magnetic backs
  • 1/8"D
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CZ 3 mm Round Magnetic Earrings 3.7 5 6 6
Great! I've wanted my cartilage pierced for forever and my mom won't let me, so this was a great solution! I was a little skeptical at first when I opened the package because the magnets didn't seem as strong as I was led to believe they were... BUT it holds really well (and comfortably) even through cartilage! March 2, 2013
Cute, but uncomfortable It may just be me, but prolonged wear (a few hours) of these and my ear lobes started to hurt. They are cute for a short wear, just not the entire day. February 12, 2013
Broke Okay so i bought these magnetic earrings for around 8 dollars and the first day i wore them to school , i took the earring off my ear to show my friend and the diamond fell of the magnetic stand. I was disappointed cause how could it break so easily? ON THE FIRST DAY!? But good thing it came with a set of two. I must say they look real but when on your ear for the whole day it feels like your ears throbbing from the magnetic force and makes an indent in your year for a while.. and it hurts ALLOT. So i only wear them for 1 or 2 periods of school cause it ends up hurting too much for me to handle. So over all , i necessary don't think its worth buying , might as well buy a real a real peircing with less pain and not harmful. So out of 1-10 i give it a 2 1/2. This is all my opinion & yours might be totally different but if your willing to spend around 10 dollars of your money then go ahead and experiment these magnetic earrings. ( p.s they can get lost VERY easily ) January 7, 2013
i love these!! I got these earrings, and they are absolutely amazing. I was expecting them to pinch a lot, but it didn't sting, or pinch one bit. January 3, 2013
I love these!!!! :) I got these earrings because i would like a second peircing but my mom wouldn't let me. at first i was hesitant because i read so many reviews that they fall off and they hurt, and the magnets not strong enough... i bought them and i'm happy to repotr that they are just what i was looking for. They do pinch a little bit, but the magnet's extra strong :) they look like a real pericing!!! im happy i got them :) :) :) :) November 12, 2012
Amazing I bought these because I wanted my second peircing but my mom wouldn't let me yet so I bought theses and everyone thought they were real:)...I love these June 6, 2012
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