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Crystal Ring Watch

$14.50  Now $10.00

Sparkling crystals adorn this stylish stretch ring watch.

  • 1" D
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It's not that wonderful ): I bought this pretty, pink watch ring when I went to Claire's one day. I HAD to have it! Who wouldn't want one???! It's a ring that tells time! HAHA. (WELL.......) When I brought it home, and put it on my finger, it felt tight, and weird.... Also, it wouldn't WORK. So there is another problem right there. I wish it would have worked, because it IS really cool, it is also really great for school too, so you dont have to keep checking the universal clock on the wall, just check your finger! But, this product DOES deserve a ONE STAR, because it didn't work, or feel right. It SHOULD fit every finger because it stretches, but NOPE....It felt really weird, and didn't work! If you want to ignore my rating, and buy one, it's fine, but you will probably have to return it sooner or later. This ring should not be the money that they are selling it for. THANKS! August 16, 2012
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