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Neon Chunky Glitter Nail Polish

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Your look. Your nails. Your rules. Go bold, metallic, wild or classic, and then change it up again.

  • Cap with brush applicator
  • 0.5 oz.
  • This item is only available in-store for our Canadian customers.
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Neon Chunky Glitter Nail Polish 2.3 5 6 6
Awesome product!!! i love it i had gotten this with 50 different nail polishes and this was my favorite very neon August 18, 2012
Not worth it I got this just a week ago thinking it would be great. I tried it out a day later and was disappointed. In order for me to get the color i wanted without using like 8 coats, i had to put two coats of it over white nail polish. Also, there wasn't as much glitter as I was expecting. But, all i really wanted was a neon green nail polish, so i guess it was okay on that note. But overall, I would say if you were debating on getting it or not, don't. July 11, 2012
This product has horrible features I hated this product because, it had no color you have to apply it like 5 times. The glitter was fine but also the polish doesn't come off. July 4, 2012
dyed my nail! when i used it today it was all chunky and did not dry fast at all and when i took it off with nail polish remover it dyed my nail and it literally took me 20 minutes to get it off i recommend not to buy any nail polish from here or at all not any kind of claires nail polishes even icing nail polish! July 2, 2012
this product was okay I bought this thinking i would get neon glittery nails, but all I got was anail with ONE sparkle on itl and NO color! Not worth a dollar! Don't was't your money! June 29, 2012
Stands out :) I got this for my dance to match my dress and it was so adorable it brings life to your nails all my friends were asking about it. June 19, 2012
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