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Pierced Ear Protectors

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Product Code : 69742

Plastic pierced ear protectors.

  • 1/16" - 1/8" D
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Pierced Ear Protectors 2.9 5 7 7
Work ok I had trouble with them splitting & when I removed the earring the protector stayed in my ear! My ears didn't get as infected as they will with non gold earrings. All in all they were ok! February 26, 2014
great for sensitive skin piercings This produce is great for protecting skin from metal posts on pierced jewelry. I can't go without them. The only issues to consider are the following: - they slide over the post, so they increase the size of the post which can be uncomfortable until the hole adjusts (there is no way around this and this mild inconvenience is fine compared to having infected pierced ears, or other areas) - they don't fit well on curved posts without tearing. Heating might work, but they are really meant for straight or very slightly curved posts. French hooks are really problematic because of the curve. - The product seems expensive for what it is, but oh well, that's how it goes. - Just like the jewelry, they need to be cleaned periodically or they will get dirty, and can start to smell bad. So plan to clean them along with your jewelry. - Finally, I find them too long for my needs, so I cut them shorter and use my regular earring back instead of the backs they provide. If your skin is so sensitive that the earring back affects you, then you would want to use them as designed. I was too worried I would lose my expensive earring, so I made the adjustment. December 27, 2013
I loves this..... I brought a set of this at an outlet in Georgia after not finding any plastic earring where i live in Virginia. I first time i used it, it did not split, but the second time did, I learned that you have to be careful not to push the earring-back to far up because it was brake the cover.. Also, ONLY use earrings with a post back because the others do not fit. I this are a great by from any one that has an sensitivity to any kind of metal earring because this would be the first time i have worn metal earring in over a year without getting gunk in my earring holes August 6, 2013
AMAZINGGG If you put your regular metal earing through these, and then put it through your ear, yes it is thicker but Honestly! I LOVEEE ITTT. ANY metal irritates my ears but these are perfect, no irritation at all, I just used normal backings that came with the metal earings, these arent meant to be worn alone, they are meant to cover or sheath the earing you already have.... I love them, I had to provide a positive review because I only saw negative ones, I feel maybe the others arent using it properly March 29, 2013
DO NOT Buy These are a great concept. My daughter has horribly sensitive ears so I purchased these for her. I put the protector on the post (the protector was a tad long) and tried to insert the newly protected post into the provided back for a test run. Every protector split before I could get the back even partially on. I tried several other miscellanous backs I have lying around, each with the same outcome. March 28, 2013
Useless I agree with the first review. This product is useless. The post is too small and the back doesn't fit the post. Do not waste your money. March 26, 2013
Awful This was such a waste of money! The backs don't fit, and the actually earrings are too short to even fit all the way through my ear. Also they are kind of thick so they don't even fit in the hole without irritation- which doesn't even matter because they aren't long enough to go through anyone's ear unless you are under 12 months old December 4, 2012
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