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Pencil Front and Back Stud Earrings

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Product Code : 88997

Need a stud earring that does double duty? These pencil stud earrings have a front and back for double the stud fun. The tip of the earring faces forward with the eraser in the back. The stud goes right through pierced ears for a fun, edgy look. But in case anyone asks, you can totally tell them you pushed a pencil through your ear.

  • 1 1/2" W
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MY DAUGHTER SCARED ME! AHHHH! Ok. It was the night before April Fool's Day. My daughter (Franky, Age 15) and one of her friends, went to the mall one day. It was like any normal time. They told me about Hot Topic, Justice, Forever 21, but not Claires. The next day was April Fool's Day. I dropped Franky, Ginger, Robin, and Tommy all off at school. After a while, I came to pick the kids up. Once I got to Franky's highschool, she ran up to the car. I saw red stuff all over her ears, and what looked like pink pencils she stabbed through them. I yelled at her to get in the car, so I could rush her home. She told me her "story" of that a boy was flicking his pencils around, and they landed in her ears. I questioned her, but she resisted. Once home, she told me they itched really bad. I realized she may have an infection. Just as I was about to call her doctor, she broke into a laugh attack. She told me the whole story of how her friend and her went to Claire's, and got the earrings as a joke. To this day, I joke around about the pencils in her ears. These are perfect for any joke, or Halloween event. A must have for class clowns like my daughter, or prankers. September 24, 2013
Disgusting is the equivalent of Awesome These earrings are awesome......and in a way somewhat revolting. I mean, there's a my ear. Still though, if your hobbies include scaring and/or disgusting your fellow classmates, these are the earrings for you. So buy them. Now. May 19, 2013
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