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Unicorn Front and Back Stud Earrings

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Product Code : 92174

You've got the whole unicorn, not just the horn with these front and back stud earrings. Front and back pieces complete the body of the unicorn.

  • 1"L x 1/2"H
  • Post back
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Fell apart before my daughter could wear them There is a plastic plug inside these earrings that fell out immediately when separating them to put them into her ear. After wearing them for only a few hours, she complained they hurt. I went to take them out only to find the plug completely stuck, leaving me unable to remove the earring. Finally I got it out of her ear to see it discolored her ear.... cheap and NOT worth the buy. January 9, 2014
Fell apart before I got them home I saw the bad reviews of this product but wanted to try them anyway because they are SO CUTE. Unfortunately the front pieces slid off before I even got them out of the bag and must have fallen out while I was walking around the mall. I've shopped at Claires for years and have never had this problem. I bet if there was some rubber around the post to provide some extra traction the two pieces would stay together. January 2, 2014
Gag gift These are pretty cheaply made and barely enough stud to stay on your ear but I got them as a gag gift so nbd December 20, 2013
awesome earrings I have always liked these type of earrings these earrings go with any fashion trend ill have more of these earrings on my wish list :) August 27, 2013
Broke the first day. Bought these for my 7 year old daughter - we took them off of the plastic backing just to put them on her earring tree stand; and in doing so they fell apart. The piece in the rear of the unicorn that holds the two pieces together fell out, so they no longer function properly; though she still wears the front part of the unicorn and just uses a normal earring back (which looks kind of silly, but she loves her unicorns). June 14, 2013
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