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22G Crystal Nose Ring Set of 6

Product Code : 48604

Assorted sparkling stones shine in this crystal nose ring set.

  • Set of 6 nose rings
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Custom fit and lightweight...really nice! I was a bit skeptical when I saw these on the clearance rack... but for the price I figured it couldn't hurt to try them. So, I put one in and bent it and it fits just right. It's very lightweight and fits snug. It doesn't poke the center of my nose... I can blow my nose or pinch my nose and it doesn't hurt like the other L shaped ones do. Also, I read the review about the crystals falling out, but that happens to just about any nose rings you get (in my opinion). I think it is worth it to buy these even if I lose them or the crystal falls out. December 29, 2013
Not Worth It! I bought these and they were super cute and they don't stick out a lot like most do and I like that its not like an inch out of my face! They are also really compfortable, The only problem is that the diamonds fall out! I only have one left and it doesn't have a diamond so it has green stuff at the bottom and it looks really ugly! My other ones I lost cause some mornings I will wake up with them GONE or when I wake up it will be in and in the middle of the day I will feel for it and I won't be there (I Think I Wiped My Nose And It Fell Out# and they are REALLY REALLY small and I was never able to find the ones that fell on the floor #Tall Carpet) , And I have tried for hours trying to find a replacable diamond for it but NOTHING will work. July 11, 2013
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