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One Direction Midnight Memories CD

Product Code : 86039

British pop superstars One Direction are back with their third studio album. One Direction's new CD, "Midnight Memories," includes 14 songs, featuring the worldwide hit "Best Song Ever" and "Story of My Life."

  • 1. Best Song Ever
  • 2. Story of My Life
  • 3. Diana
  • 4. Midnight Memories
  • 5. You & I
  • 6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
  • 7. Strong
  • 8. Happily
  • 9. Right Now
  • 10. Little Black Dress
  • 11. Through the Dark
  • 12. Something Great
  • 13. Little White Lies
  • 14. Better Than Words
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One Direction Midnight Memories CD 4.7 5 6 6
OMWOW!!! The feels got to me. They've grown and matured (haha grown) so much and this album is just, wow. February 27, 2014
Good album, but old fans may be surprised I will admit, I was kind of worried about this album at first because of all the people who were talking about what a "big change" it was from their previous releases, but I listened to it and found out I was worried for nothing. On this album, they have probably their very first song that's not about girls (not that singing about girls is a bad thing!), Don't Forget Where You Belong. You can tell that it meant a lot to them. It would be a shame if it didn't become a single then, because I'm sure they really love it. However, knowing 1D, if they have a next single, it will probably be Diana. Diana is the 3rd song on the tracklist (next to Best Song Ever and Story Of My Life, which I assume most of you already know by now) and it has lines like "let me be the one to save your life, I don't think you even realize, baby you'd be saving mine". Sweet song. I must disagree with the people who said there are no fun, easy-to-dance-to songs on this album. There definitely are. "Little Black Dress" immediately comes to mind, as well as "Alive" (especially during the "live before we get older" breakdown). Then there's the title track, "Midnight Memories". I dare you to not giggle or rock out when Harry does the "owww" part. If you're able to ignore the lyrics, LWL is a VERY fun song to dance to. And of course, the lead single "Best Song Ever" is a VERY easy-to-dance-to song. I still dance to it whenever it comes on, even though it's been out forever now. Then of course they also have their usual ballads. "Half A Heart" is my favorite. The beginning of the chorus (where Zayn sings "like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky") sounds kind of similar to "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. Other ballads include "You & I" and "Through The Dark". The most clever song on the album is "Better Than Words", the last song on the regular edition. The lyrics are made completely up of song titles, minus the chorus. All in all, I think this is a really great album. As for whether or not you'll like this if you liked their previous 2 releases, it's debatable. I like it. I may not like it AS MUCH, but I still think it's very much them and they haven't changed too too much. If you're worried though and don't think you can take anything too too different from their original 2 albums, I'd suggest just downloading: Best Song Ever, Half A Heart, Diana, Story Of My Life, and MAYYYBEEE Little White Lies. February 14, 2014
This product is amazing I think that this album is amazing. I have not bought it yet, but I am listening to clips of it on iTunes. It is obviously more mature than Take Me Home and Up All Night, but almost any language (I'm only on Happily and I've noticed one "language bit") has been bleeped out. I think this album is very good. November 29, 2013
OMG perffff this album it so perfffect i love ti so much its pefecct fro other directioners out there November 28, 2013
The new One Direction Cd I bought this new CD the day it came out, (November 25th) and liked most of the songs. But even at my young teen age I feel this album can be a bit to inapporpriate. 1/3 of the songs are inapropriate. Which I'm not so fond of. But I also bought the deluxe additon which has an extra 4 songs. Don't worry there is at least 4 really romantic songs about being together forever. So I would recommend this but to an older girl that is 13 or older, or 12 and mature. Also songs now are more punk, espeically with the new electiric gutiar parts. Overall good album but deffinently for a mature listener. November 27, 2013
I LOVE this album! This is probably their BEST album that One Direction has written! I absolutely LOVE it a definitely recommend it for other Directioners! November 27, 2013
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