Halloween At Home Gather the family and get creative with awesome halloween ideas to make it a memorable Halloween no matter what it may look like this year.


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Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

It's time to make it a spook-tacular Halloween once again with Claire's! Our Halloween costumes for girls go beyond fun and cute; we are equal parts glamourous evil queen and creepy blood bride. Play up both parts with tons of girl's Halloween costume ideas and the extras you need to create a costume all your own. Your little will love our toddler Halloween costumes and fall accessories to keep them festive all season long. Our teen Halloween costumes have all the sass to match your personality with easy Halloween costume ideas for girls. If you're looking to get the best candy in the neighborhood, put a smile on people's faces with our girl's cute Halloween costumes in bright and fun colours with loads of glittery options!

We want your creative juices to flow like crazy with brilliant Halloween costume ideas for girls, and we know just how to give you what you need to create something magical! Create your own costume with fashion accessories and gems to show off your unique side! If you're trying to get those perfect costume selfies you can easily use our tools for cute Halloween costumes you can create and nail those Instagram pics with the help of makeup, jewellery, and faux hair.

First, is our costume jewellery for girls in some gorgeous finishes and specially made for this season of fright! Find mixed metals or bling for any glam girl costume. Our girl's costume jewellery can put just the right touch on your unique Halloween costumes for girls.

Create your own masquerade with girl's Halloween masks! Either bedazzled or adorned in lace, these Halloween masks for girls will add that element of mystery while completing your costume. A simple eye mask will add mystery, or try a full face mask and have the world guessing. What matters is that you have the right touch for your costume!

Girl's Halloween hats will top off your unique costume with many elements. Get gross with blood printed head gear or put on some pretty skeleton bones and a top hat for scary sophistication. Here's your chance to add all your elements and create an authentic costume. Halloween hats for girls will be that element you didn't know you needed.

Soft Halloween toys can put an entire look together for those that could be dressing up as a zookeeper, a dog walker, or a crazy cat lady. Be the ultimate vampire and summon your squad of bats from our season Ty Beanie Boos and other soft toys for Halloween. These make excellent treasures for your little ones as soft toy Halloween decorations to keep them in the festive spirit all season long!

Fake hair for Halloween is a must to truly make a costume authentic! Bright colours, dark colours, and glow in the dark options are everything you need to put that perfect witch or mermaid costume together. For some unicorn excitement, make the work hassle free with girl's fake hair extensions to avoid using such heavy things like hair colour spray. GIrl's Halloween wigs, just like real hair, require a bit of care. You'll want to take care of it because you'll see how amazing you look after putting on our girl's wigs for Halloween.

Halloween accessories for girls make the best additions with gloves, socks, and scarves for all those extras you didn't even know you needed! A pair of fishnet tights are one of our cute Halloween outfit accessories that works with every costume! Choose your favourite colour and you'll fall in love with our girl's Halloween accessories perfect for any costume!

Girl's Cat Costumes

Hello Miss Kitty! Cozy up to your feline vibes with cat costumes for girls! Grab a pair of kitty ears and draw on your whiskers, but you won't have to stop there! Our makeup sets and gems are great for a girl's cat costumes. Add a little drama and become a glam party animal. Apart from our collections, our cat ears come in different textures and attitudes. Try studded cat ears for edgier girl's cat Halloween costumes, or be a romantic cat with floral & lace ears for that dose of pretty! Choose your style and transform into your kitty personality!

Mermaid Costumes For Girls

Mermaids have more fun, and Claire's is going to show you just how much fun you can have with mermaid costumes for girls! Find iridescent colours for those gorgeous rainbows and glam it up with a mermaid crown and body gems. Our girl's mermaid costumes will shine and sparkle like a true creature of the sea! For a scarier version, transform into a sea witch or sea siren from old mythical tales. These scary siren looks can be achieved with makeup transformation and maybe some razor sharp teeth. Girl's mermaid Halloween costumes give you a lot to play with, so have fun and get creative!

Girl's Unicorn Costumes

Here's another way to get your sparkle and shine on! Everyone's favourite magical creature can create some super fab looks with added glitter and sequins. Unicorn costumes for girls create a unique magic that can only be represented by the girl who LIVES for glitter! Sparkle wherever you go with fabulous faux hair and wigs to create a magical look. Body gems work wonders for placing on your face and body, and no girl's Halloween unicorn costume is complete without its majestic horn. You have quite a few options to choose from, but we specially made a cute holographic option to offer the right amount of shine.

Witch Costumes For Girls

We have gotten into some crazy obsessions with witches and wizards! With all the fandom surrounding it, we can't blame anyone for wanting to be a conjurer of spells and magic! Our girl's witch Halloween costumes offer a bit of sweetness or a bit of darkness depending on what you'd like to create. Amazing wigs and Halloween hats will complete your look along with fashion accessories like gloves and tights to give your witch look a style up. Any girl's witch costume from Claire's will give you a little shine and shimmer for your sassy witch look. Don't be afraid to glam it up with fabulous makeup like a dark lip or some gleaming highlighter. No need to be a plain witch, this lady of magic has got style to match.

Skeleton Costumes For Girls

Get a little ghoulish with girl's skeleton costumes. Find your bony-esque fashion accessories with with tights, masks, and hats to put together an epic girl's Halloween skeleton costume. We have easy to apply adhesives to help you achieve your glam skull face or DIY it with fun makeup and tricks to get that cool skeleton look. Our skeleton costumes for girls can be both scary and glam, and either will get you some sweet treats on Halloween night!

Spider Costumes For Girls

Show off those creepy bug vibes like you're queen of the spiders with our spider costumes for girls. Dress it up with wigs and hair accessories to make it look like these 8-legged bugs are under your command! Pair up your girl's Halloween spider costumes with cute tights and gloves to offer up some edgy looks. This girl is all sass, so turn up the heat in countless ways with girl's spider costumes!

Girl's Bride Costumes

Our girl's Halloween bride costumes do a little more than offer you a chance to dress like a bride. Our blood bride can send chills up your spine with the right accessories and makeup. Take a look at our matching veils and headwear in our bride costumes for girls that will amp up the scare. Find other fun additions like a bouquet to transform you into the heartbroken and murderous bride that was promised 'till death do us part.

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