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Claire's Exclusives

Claire's exclusive toys are the extra special things we have for you to enjoy that you can't find anywhere else. Talk about a super cool present to give! Our Claire's collectible toys make an excellent option for that extra special kid on your list. Claire's toys for girls or our exclusive toys for girls will be the highlight of the gift opening experience with a fun toy or collectible that only few can get. Get one today and start checking off that list!

Ty Beanies

Our range of adorable friends is getting bigger and bigger! Fall in love with these big-eyed cuties that are ready to go home with you. Kora the Koala, Areilla the Unicorn Cat and others are ready to be adopted!


It's your favourite tabby cat who loves naps and food. If Pusheen is your spirit animal, then you need to ask for our plush Pusheen toys. One of our many snuggly critters. Pusheen plush toys are what brings the joy back into gifting. Take a look through our Pusheen accessories like pusheen keychains, to incorporate into your everyday life. We guarantee this chubby kitty will give you plenty of smiles around the holidays and forever!

L.O.L Surprise!

Get your fill of adorable cuties galore and collect them all! Part of the fun is not knowing which one you'll get, but once you open your adorable surprise, you'll fall in love with the cutie that waits for you! These blind wraps make awesome gifts for your besties and can be used to decorate your locker or your room. Try clipping one on to your backpack to give your school style some extra flair. However you like 'em, we've got them for you to collect. Which one will you get?

Toys and Collectables

Amazing Toys and Collectibles Gift Ideas

Get ready for hours of fun with toys for girls and girl's collectables. If you're looking for a real surprise gift, nothing says mystery like blind boxes and bags. If there’s no mystery and they know what they love and want, and you can find it at Claire’s. Select from Squishmallow, Pusheen, and L.O.L Surprise, to name just a few of the popular brands you will find at Claire’s. We know you won't leave empty handed! That's how confident we are that you'll fall in love with our toys and collectables.

Adorable Stuffed Animals

Just TRY and keep your hands off of our adorable Ty Beanie Boo stuffed animals! It's nearly impossible once you see those big eyes and adorable faces! Ty Beanie Boos are great for collecting and showing off proudly, or you can snuggle up with oversized Ty stuffed animals when heading off to dreamland! Of course Ty has all the best friends to choose from; unicorn plushies, cute puppies, and adorable dragons! Claire's is also home to your favourite pug stuffed animals like Doug the Pug! Doug has several outfits for you to choose from, but be warned, it's impossible to choose just one. This cutie comes dressed as a shark, a baby duck, and of course, a pink unicorn! Take him home with you today!/p>

Blind Bag Toys

If you're looking for a real surprise gift, nothing says mystery like blind boxes and bags. We also like to call these fun toys "surprise bags" because of the excitement of finding out what you're going to get while a surprise awaits! You can find exclusives and limited edition collectible toys for girls in our selection too! Claire’s carries most popular brands of blind boxes. Select from Shopkins, Barbie, and Roblox, to name a handful. Nothing beats the excitement of getting something super exclusive. All the fun and mystery of surprise bags can be shared with family and friends with blind boxes and bags, so start your collection today.

Squish Toys

Girl's squish toys are the hottest craze and made for hours of squishing and squeezing. These squish toys for girls are loved by kids and adults for a little stress relief. You can keep one nearby and latch it on to your school bag so it can double as a charm! You can also keep a little one in your pocket to keep you company when you need to squeeze something. Claire's squish toys are available in popular brands like Squishmallows™, Squeezamals®, and more! Pick up a girl's blind bag of squishies and give them out to your favourite teachers and your friends!

Great Toy Sets For Girls

Your favourite brands have brought amazing toy sets for girls to Claire's! Discover Love, Diana™, Shopkins™ and Tiny Tukkins™ toy sets and build magical worlds to play in! Explore, imagine, and let your creativity take flight with girl's toy sets from Claire’s!