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Looking for gift ideas for girls? Claire’s has a huge array of girl’s cosmetics with all your necessities in hand. Dramatic eyes are always a fave, and our assortment of beautiful mascaras in dark and bold colors are sure to open up the windows to your soul to properly frame your eye. If you want to give your face a little warmth, take a glance at various pigments in blushes for cheeks, or a bronzer for a full sun-kissed face that offers some highlights of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Get a gift for the small ones with little girl’s makeup for some dress-up play, get them started on a fashion show, or encourage them to give their family members a makeover. For those babes that are just starting out, tween makeup brands show off a little more glimmer and shine for some weekend concert or festival looks. Glitter makeup for kids is also available for adorable costume looks! We won’t judge if grown-ups decide to dabble in your kid’s beauty products and glitter too.

You’ll need a cute makeup bag to put all of these beauty kits for kids and cute makeup brushes… how about getting a little cosmic with a holographic makeup bag? Your makeup accessories for girls would fit well in any kid’s makeup bag. Check out Claire’s unicorn makeup bag to get a taste of magic and everyone’s favorite mythical creature! All of our beauty kits for kids come with multiple items like mini eyeshadows, blush, cute makeup brushes, cute lip balm, or girl’s lip gloss to give them options for their day looks. Allow them to be their own kind of beautiful!

Speaking of cute lip balm, you’ll LOVE the many flavors that are in store for you! Your favorite brands of soda pop lip balm and candy lip balm have hundreds of options depending on your mood! Are you feeling kinda sweet today? Try a BlowPop flavored lip balm! Do you like to chug Mountain Dew on the regular? Yes, we have Mountain Dew lip balm, too! Nothing compares to our Claire’s exclusive, PuckerPops that come in various characters and googly-eyes for every season, event, fruit, food, and so much more! PuckerPops easily fit in your pocket or come with a keychain attachment to prop onto your keys or your backpack to keep those lips from chapping throughout the day. There will never be a shortage of cute chapsticks from Claire’s! Lip gloss sets for kids come in metallic and glittery magic for their #ootd. Tweens can get their hands on girl’s lip gloss for all of their lip moisture needs, or if they just want to add a little something extra to their makeup looks.

Nothing improves your mood like a good manicure! Nails have become so elaborate these days; they can practically turn into works of art. Let us give you the tools you need to create your ultimate masterpiece! For your little ones, we have frustratingly adorable kid’s nail stickers. Bows, hearts, rainbows, cute critters, and other nail polish stickers are all that can adorn your nails. Make some waves with mermaid nail polish in gorgeous teals, greens, and iridescent pearl colors to have you feeling the mermaid vibes all year. Our nail polish for girls is fit for royalty in the trendiest colors and finishes like mattes, metallics, and glitter. For a quick high fashion manicure for that event you have coming up, try press-on nails in almond or stiletto shapes for all our glam queens out there! Claire’s faux nails have amazing designs that are sure to style up your outfit or your mood in the most perfect way! You can find marble, ombre, holographic, animal prints, and more in our beauty line. Not convinced yet? Nail accessories and tools are for the skilled or at least moderately skilled nail artisans that like to play with gems or tapes to create your own designs, and Claire’s has the nail tools you need to create your art! Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word, and Claire’s wants to help you say it out loud!

Elevate your rest routine with our sleep masks designed to keep your skin glowing and your body rested. Let’s start with how essential a good night’s rest is; a cute sleep mask can help you with getting your dream vibes going. Novelty animal eyes or actual eye designs are always the favorites in girl’s sleeping masks. For fuzzy and cuddly options, sleeping masks for kids are great options for the fussy kids who hate, but NEED to go to bed! Some furry comfort might just be the thing to keep them calm.

The next step in ultimate relaxation is finding some happiness in a long, hot bubble bath! Add some luxury to your bath with our bubble bath bombs. When you first draw your bath, throw in your bath bomb so it can relax you in soothing aromas. You’ll enjoy the visual display of your bath bomb fizzing and melting away while it moisturizes your skin and changes the colors of your bathwater. For the little ones, pick up an emoji bath bomb that fizzes down to a fun surprise to make bath time a fun time and not another tough tantrum to work through! Not sure where to buy bath bombs for kids? Let Claire’s be your destination to achieve ultimate relaxation. Don’t worry moms and dads; we’ve developed formulas that would allow for no residue leftover after you’ve drained!

Let your body be a journal and your fake body tattoos tell a story! This is where to buy temporary tattoos for kids for costumed occasions or fun play with friends! They also make a great goodie bag giveaway for birthday parties. Cut them up and give them away for adorable theme parties. We know how to keep it cute with rainbow temporary tattoos paired up with unicorns, fairies, or other magical themes. Let the stars align with star temporary tattoos for looks out of this world! Being a cosmic babe will be easy to do with shimmery constellation formations temporarily living on your body.

Add on to your glimmery glow with shimmery eye makeup and be the blingtastic babe you are! They say to do more of what makes you sparkle, so try on a multitude of eye glitter looks to complete your body and face jewels. This is a great opportunity to play up your color or add a contrasting color that pairs well with any face jewels. Our color assortment extends from fabulous iridescent silver to a blue sapphire. Claire’s is a one-stop shop for all of your cute eye makeup and eye glitter needs to be bright and beautiful! We’ll see you soon, and may your day be as flawless as your makeup!