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MeganPlays Accessories, Plushies, Tech & More

What’s up PeachySquad! Are you looking for MeganPlays merch and MeganPlays accessories? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Claire’s, we can’t think of providing anything but the best merch for you to add to your collection. Whether you’ve been a fan of hers from the beginning or just discovered her videos, you’ll find everything you need to look just like her while playing or out with friends in our exclusive collection.

About MeganPlays

MeganPlays is a Youtuber and Claire’s super fan who plays and creates games for different gaming platforms. She and her husband, Zack, also have their own game studio called Wonder Works. She’s known for her cotton candy hair and bubbly personality while playing various video games.

Her channel first started out with videos of her playing The Sims and other games. Then, around 2018 she switched to a different platform, and she exploded in popularity. MeganPlays has nearly 4 million

Discovering MeganPlays Merch with Claire's

Claire’s has all the MeganPlays merch. If you’re feeling just peachy and want to be like Megan, you can get some kids headphones and faux hair. Or look at our wide selection of nails for the full MeganPlays vibe. Stop by in store or online for merch needs.