Flower Girl Accessories: Hair, Jewelry, and More

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Finding the Perfect Flower Girl Accessories

So many details go into planning the perfect wedding, from the venue to the flowers to the dresses. And someone you don’t want to overlook when planning outfits and accessories is the flower girl.

Flower girl accessories are an easy way to complement any wedding theme. At Claire’s, we know that you need plenty of options, and our flower girl accessories collection has everything you need to help your flower girl feel beautiful during and after the wedding ceremony.

Flower Girl Hair Accessories

Picking fashionable flower girl hair accessories lets you elevate your flower girl’s outfit and make her feel like a cherished part of the bridal party. Small touches like this will have a significant impact, and Claire’s is here to help with our wide range of options.

If you want something cute and stylish, our chiffon butterfly hair clips are perfect. For flower girl hair accessories with more sophisticated charm, choose from our gorgeous tiaras. Claire’s has everything you need to complement your flower girl’s dress, from embellished pins to shiny headbands to flower clips.

Flower Girl Jewelry

Jewelry is a subtle and elegant addition to a flower girl’s ensemble. Claire’s offers a variety of options to suit girls of all ages.

From delicate bracelets to dainty earrings or necklaces, our flower girl jewelry matches any dress style, color scheme, or wedding theme. Claire’s also has jewelry sets with multiple pieces and more jewelry options, so you can easily create a cohesive, uniform look for your entire bridal party, including the flower girl.

Flower Girl FAQs

What accessory does a flower girl need?

The most important accessory for a flower girl is a basket of flower petals to sprinkle down the aisle. Anything more is up to the bride. Usually, a bride may choose flower girl accessories that complement the dress and theme. Flower girl hair accessories or jewelry can elevate her outfit.

What does a flower girl wear on her head?

Flower girls can wear anything on their heads. A nice headwrap with flowers, a headband with butterflies, or a lovely flower crown are excellent options. There are no rules when it comes to flower girl hair accessories, but you should consider the wedding style and the flower girl’s preferences when making your choice.

Should the flower girl’s accessories match the bride’s accessories?

Flower girl accessories can match the bride’s accessories, but they don’t have to. This is entirely up to the bride. Some may prefer that the accessories match the wedding style, while others may allow the flower girl to select her own flower girl accessories.