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Hair Clips, Hair Pins and Claw Hair Clips

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Hair Clips and Pins

Looking for a new hair accessory? Claire’s has the perfect hair clips, pins, and bobby pins to match your style. Our butterfly clips are just right to make any outfit pop. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more extravagant, we’ve got it all right here at Claire’s! For those more formal occasions, try our silver rhinestone and pearl petal hair comb. It’s perfect for adding some shimmer and bling to your outfit. Our claw clips make for a stylish way to put your hair up on those warmer days, while staying on trend and slaying the whole outfit. Looking for an easy way to you’re your hair in a variety of styles? Look no further than our selection of bobby pins. They are perfect for any type of hair and any hairstyle. Up, down, bangs pinned back, even braids, bobby pins let you do it all!

Cute Hair Clips and Hair Pins

With our selection of colors and styles, there’s no shortage of ways to wear your hair up or down with our different types of hair clips and pins. We have pretty fashion barrettes to add some fun to your look, while pulling your hair back. Or check out our cute hair clips to find the perfect color to match your outfit. If you want to add a floral touch to your look, our daisy hair clips are a must. They effortlessly add a pop of color and sunshine to your fit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hair clips are best for hair?

This depends entirely on your hair and what you want to do with it! Hair claws are great for pulling hair up in an updo, whereas hair pins are good for pulling back sections or accentuating braids. Bobby pins are a great option for securing looser hair in an updo or pulling your bangs back in an adorable twist.

Are butterfly clips a 90s thing?

Butterfly clips were a trend in the 90s and like all good trends, they’re coming around again! They are a stylish addition to your outfit and also a great way to channel your inner 90s girl!

What is the difference between a hair pin and a bobby pin?

Hair pins are typically made with a design on them such as a flower or a cute animal whereas bobby pins are typically more plain and just a small pin with ridges designed to help hold your hair in place. Both can be used in a variety of hairstyles!