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Headbands and Headwraps

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Cute Headbands and Headwraps

When you’re looking for the cutest accessories to amp up your look, look no further than Claire’s! The headbands and headwraps we offer are second to none. From cute floral prints to wild donut headbands, there is something for every taste. Looking for something cute and smart for school and then colorful and bright for kicking back with friends on the weekend? We’ve got you covered, just check out our selection of cute headbands and headwraps!

The best part about the headwraps and headbands in our selection is that they’re not only cute, but they’re comfortable too. A headwrap headband may be the most comfortable headband you’ve put on with its wider band that fits seamlessly. Another adorable option is our flower crowns, perfect for a spring or summer day. All of our headbands are trendy and comfortable, making the best of both worlds for budding fashionistas. Shop those and other hair accessories like bobby pins in-store or online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear a headwrap headband?

It’s easy! Just slip it on over your hair and adjust to smooth out any uneven pieces. You can leave your hair down or put it up before adding the headwrap!

How can I better secure my headband?

One way to better secure a headband would be to utilize bobby pins to help pin it into place! Hairspray is another easy trick to keep your headband from slipping around. Another option is to try wearing your hair a different way for a better fit.

How can I make my headbands more comfortable to wear?

Depending on what is uncomfortable, there are a few options. If you’re getting pain from the prongs of the headbands, you could put more hair directly underneath where the prongs lay on your head or you can wrap some extra fabric pieces around it. You can try to stretch your headwraps out a little bit if they’re too tight, though that will happen the longer you wear them as well. Also, make sure your hair is smoothed down first, any bumps from your hair could be causing some discomfort.