iPhone 14 Compatible Cases

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iPhone 14 Cases

Nothing keeps your iPhone 14 protected like an iPhone 14 case. At Claire’s, we have many fun, colorful cases that protect your phone and give it a pop of style.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases

We have a variety of iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases. From solid silicone cases to more colorful ones, your iPhone 14 Pro Max case can easily match your vibe. A pink cheetah print is just the case for an animal lover. Or why not add some sparkle to your phone with a gemstone case? For those who want to stand out, check out our furry cases and wristlets that make it easy to carry your phone on the go.

Whatever your style, Claire’s has what you need.

iPhone 14 Pro Cases

If you’re rocking the iPhone 14 Pro, you can hit up Claire’s for the perfect case for you, too. The cases are just as fun and fashionable as the Pro Max cases and come in prints like happy faces, flowers, and more.

Frequently Asked iPhone 14 Questions

Here are some common questions with answers about finding the perfect iPhone 14 case for your phone.

Does the New iPhone 14 Pro Need a Case?

Having a case adds an extra layer of protection from drops and bumps that happen while you’re filming your latest viral dance video or just having a clumsy moment while texting your friends. Rather than worrying about fixing any damages, a case adds a layer of protection for your phone and shows off your style.

Can iPhone 13 and 14 Use the Same Case?

The iPhone 14 is slightly thicker than the 13. So while it’s possible to use an old iPhone 13 case, it’s better to get a case that’s made specifically for the iPhone 14 and will have a more secure fit.

Are the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro the Same Size?

The iPhone 14 and Pro have the same screen size, but they have a different number of camera lenses on the back. The 14 has two camera lenses, while the 14 Pro has three. Getting an iPhone 14 case for the Pro won’t fit as well, because it may block a lens.

Which iPhone Case is the Most Protective?

Many of our cases will work well to protect your phone from drops and bumps!

Finding Your iPhone 14 Cases with Claire's

We have many fashionable and exciting phone cases. Claire’s has it all, from furry to colorful. We even have iPhone 13 cases, and PopSockets! Stop by in-store or shop online for all your case needs.