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Pusheen® Mini Donut Plush - Grey

Original Price$19.99 Sale Price$14.99

Ty Beanie Baby Small Houghie the Pug Plush Toy

Original Price$9.99 Sale Price$7.49

Pusheen® Mini Pizza Plush - Grey

Original Price$19.99 Sale Price$14.99

Pusheen® Swan Floatie Keyring Clip - Gray

Original Price$14.99 Sale Price$11.24

Ty Beanie Boo Large Ariella the Unicorn PlushToy

Original Price$39.99 Sale Price$29.99


Squish and squash these squishable critters all day long! You won't be able to keep your hands off our squishy toys for girls. Get a few for school, get some for your phone case, but definitely get some for home. Our super fun squish toys come in all colors and in all critters. Bring them to a play date for hours of squishy fun or carry it with you for your fidgety fingers. Girl's squish toys fit right in your pocket and can be taken everywhere you wanna go!

Doug the Pug Plush

Doug the Pug is our Instagram hero. Let him be your with adorable Doug the Pug© plush that you can take home and give a snuggle. He's known to be a bit of a lazy doggo, but these Doug the Pug© plush toys don't have to be. Take him on adventures when you're out and about, tell him about your day, or be like Doug and just chill with some pizza and TV with all of our plush Doug the Pug© toys.


It's your favourite tabby cat who loves naps and food. If Pusheen is your spirit animal, then you need to ask for our plush Pusheen toys. One of our many snuggly critters. Pusheen plush toys are what brings the joy back into gifting. Take a look through our Pusheen accessories like pusheen keychains, to incorporate into your everyday life. We guarantee this chubby kitty will give you plenty of smiles around the holidays and forever!

Plush Toys

Claire's has a gigantic assortment of fun plush toys for girls! Get your fix on all things magical, cuddly, and cute! Let's not forget colorful! Our plush animals for girls were made for brightening up any room! Fill your space with all these happy faces so you can start and end your day with adorable girl's plush toys. Decorate your locker or give them as a gift, these guys are ready to make someone smile!

Amazing Toys & Collectibles Gift Ideas

If you know Claire's, you know the amazing selection we have in toys and collectibles for girls! Here you are bound to find slimy, squishy, and fun things. We carry an insane array of girl's collectibles that you can find in Shopkins or blind bags. This is where you can create some of the best gifts with toys for girls and collectible toys for girls that are sure to open up hours of fun! Watch them unwrap a surprise with excitement or help build a collection and find exclusive toys that you'll only find here! We are your destination for cute things and FUN!

Cute Stuffed Animals

Plush toys for girls have a way of creating big smiles, and our supply of cute and cuddly things will have you ready for extra snuggles! Get ready to smile with adorable Ty Beanie Boos that you can find in unicorn plushies and fluffy puppies. You can also spot some extra special Ty stuffed animals that are available seasonally for special holidays like Halloween and Christmas! Grab a happy snowman or a big-eyed bat that will keep the festivities going. These small stuffed animals are ready to be adopted and they can't wait to meet you! Your favorite pug stuffed animal, Doug the Pug, comes dressed in different outfits depending on his mood. Between our Beanie Boo stuffed animals and Doug the Pug, your room is going to look like a fun cuddle fest! We also have oversized unicorn stuffed animals to give you all of the magical dreams you want for a sweet slumber.

Blind Bag Toys & Squishies

Who doesn't love surprises? We know you do! We expect lots of excitement and anticipation when you open our blind bags for girls. If you're an obsessive collector of girl's blind bags, you know that it's serious business. We are here to give you the best in surprise bags with awesome brands like Neon Star by tokidoki, Roblox, Pusheen, Shopkins, and SO MUCH MORE! Get the little ones a few kid's blind bags as gifts or get a surprise of your own with everything we have to offer in blind boxes and bags! Also available in blind bags are our squishies for girls are made of the softest, plushiest, rubberized foam that will keep you obsessing over squeezing and squishing these toys! But don't worry, if there's specific girl's squishies you're looking for, we've got you covered in great brands like Hello Kitty and Kawaii with delicious options for the "always hungry" ones, or find your favorite characters to squish all day.


It's time to slime! We know you guys have already mastered the science of creating your own slime, but we wanted to give your parents a bit of relief with something that was less messy. Let your mom and dad have some peace of mind with Claire's slime for girls that come in several colors and scents. We honestly aren't sure what you want to use slime for these days, but we encourage some good practical jokes with our girl's slime! Sure, it's pretty to look at, but letting everyone have a good laugh is just as good.

Fidget Spinners For Girls

Keep those fidgety fingers busy with fidget spinners for girls in various colors and designs. Light up the night with glow in the dark or light up options! Or grab pink fidget spinners to match your pink accessories.

Great Toy Sets For Girls

Amazing options in all of your favorite brands in girl's toy sets! Create cute kitchen sets for you Shopkins or dress up your Barbie; these toy sets for girls will have you exploring and imagining in big ways!