Day of the Dead Look

Day of the Dead

It’s a look that is both glamorous and beautiful! Get creative with extra sparkling touches and makeup options for a unique sugar skull look. Floral headwear, lacy veils, bony accessories & sugar skull stickers...your Day of the Dead looks are here!

Day of the Dead Jewellery

Gothic elements and skull touches for your look!

Day of the Dead Accessories

Day of the Dead Accessories

Bony additions plus veils & capes for your outfit!

Day of the Dead Makeup

Day of the Dead Makeup

Complete your sugar skull with gems, stickers and extra beauty items!

A look that originates from a beautiful & celebratory holiday in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is a day that honors, celebrates and remembers loved ones that have passed on. A Day of the Dead costume consists of sugar skull makeup, skull Jewellery, and floral arrangements or flower crowns as headwear. Often you will see ornate dress up looks & embroidery in a traditional Mexican style with dresses, gowns or other whimsical items that bring beauty and tradition together.

Create your Day of the Dead costume looks with lace veils and headwear, paired with our Day of the Dead or skull stickers to replicate the ornate sugar skulls that are often displayed on altars that are meant to honor the dead. Find colorful wigs to transform you Day of the Dead looks into something creative with sparkling face gems or Halloween makeup fo a look that is truly unique!


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