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Alright girls...there really is so much jewellery in this world we know that it would be a struggle to find the right one for the right look. Claire's fashion jewellery can meet your particular style in so many ways! Starting off with our kids jewellery, you will find a variety of mini options in cute stud earrings meant for little ears. Shop smaller dangle earrings for kids that are beaded and beautiful in plastic options for sensitive ears. There is tons of sparkle in our jewellery for teens with cubic zirconia earrings and rose gold ear crawlers to play with our Ear Party picks. Necklaces for teen girls include on trend chokers and layered necklaces. We can help you change you up from edgy to glam in a heartbeat with our girl's jewellery!

Earring studs are the classic earring for any type of girl. These beauties are a quick add on to your ears for an everyday look, whether casual or edgy there is lots of variety in our stud earrings. Make it edgier with black stud earrings or faux gauges. Silver stud earrings can be your go to stud that's versatile with any colour and any outfit. Our cute stud earrings come in plenty of sparkle and multicoloured options as well as your favourite icons. Spot a unicorn or two, or maybe some JoJo bows! Get playful with your studs and show off your personality!

Try a pair of sterling silver dangle earrings for extra drama and perfect high glam looks. Wear your gold dangle earrings to that event with pride and beauty so that everyone can see how gorgeous your ears look! Give some thought to your favourite finish of rose gold dangling earrings that will surely make everyone envious and match it up with your other rose gold accessories. For the kiddos, dangle earrings for kids are so cute that your teeny princess will wear them all day! You'll find some cute animals like elephants, dinosaurs, and plenty more from our Sweetimals collection! Fall in love with our selection of girl's drop earrings!

Speaking of adding drama...our hoop earrings for girls give you that street glam flair that the most stylish girls love! This style has gotten so hot that we have adjusted the shape of the classic girl's hoop earring. We've added hexagon shapes, triangle shapes, and gorgeous stars! You'll love our finishes as our rose gold hoop earrings can be found in cute heart shapes. Our classic silver hoop earrings are in full fringe effect and popular geometric shapes with added gems. We haven't forgotten your littles, where we've made adorable toddler hoop earrings small enough for tiny ears and newly pierced ears. Dont' worry, girl's large hoop earrings are not the only sizes we carry! Check out all our various sizes for the girl that likes to experiment with multiple sizes or wear them all as a full set on girls with multiple ear piercings.

Plastic earrings make good alternatives for ears with sensitivities. A fully plastic design and stud for easy cleaning and without any complications. For little ears with no piercings just yet, try our sticker earrings that make super cute earrings for kids and are also good earrings for sensitive ears. Girl's hypoallergenic earrings and nickel free earrings for kids are made in fun designs to keep your girl stylish. If you're ever looking for a gift in kid's earrings you're best bet is to start with safer options like plastics, nickel free, or in our precious metals like kids gold earrings.

Check out Claire’s collection of crawler earrings with intricate designs to turn your ear into art! A rose gold ear crawler with leafy details looks straight out of the garden and lays on your ear like a vine. Constellation ear crawlers for girls give the appearance of multiple ear piercings in one. The perfect addition to your next Ear Party are girls ear jackets with an adorable front back variety.

Ear cuffs for girls are fantastic add ons to your other fab ear decor. Have them glide up your ears in multiple finishes and layer it up with other ear cuff jewellery. Cuff earrings and connector earrings have a lot of extra dangle for your side hair looks. Filigree, feathers, and beaded designs will help you create some boho looks to die for.

Perfect for the individual who doesn't want complicated ear piercings or who wants to experiment with more piercings before committing to a new one! These are far from your grandma's clip on earrings! We've modernized these cuties in a ton of ways! Clip on hoop earrings, tassels, and unicorn magnetic earrings are just a small part of the great assortment in adorable options for your pretty ears! Realistic options are also available for nose rings or septum rings so your mom doesn't have to have a meltdown. Stay calm mom, they're fake!

All the gorgeous sparkles you want, we've got it! Our cubic zirconia stud earrings will pop and shine. Bring some highlights to your face with cubic zirconia drop earrings that shows off your neck and ears with added drama! Play it safe for sensitive ears with sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings. Your ears will appreciate you for dressing them so fancy!

We know girls like to experiment with multiple piercings, so we want to accommodate you and your super cool ear piercings with our alternative earrings for girls! Use our bars as industrial piercing jewellery on those amazing ears. Play with our conch jewellery and conch hoop earrings with gems that hug your ear with a little sparkle. Beautiful heart tragus earrings are a cute addition to the flappy part of your ear. Try a stud on your tragus for some tiny bling. You'll find a lot for you alternative piercings, be sure to take a look at helix, rook, daith, and cartilage piercings!

Girl's necklaces are fun and playful! Layer up your looks in our necklaces for teen girls. You can show off your style with chokers and pendant necklaces. Dress it up with statement necklaces in ornate designs, fringes, and tassels. It will definitely make a statement with the brightest looks and several finishes. Our cute necklaces for girls work as pendant necklaces for your besties! Grab one for you and your whole girl gang to show off your friendship all day, every day! Kids initial necklaces have become the most popular piece of jewellery at Claire's! You're individuality will be on display for everyone to see you tell a story about your name. Necklaces for girls will show off a lot of fashion vibes with all these options and more at Claire's!

The snap bracelet has made its way through time and space to bring back the fun! A lot of colour and tons of fun to trade with your friends. Grab a snap bracelet for you and a friend and layer snap on bracelets for fun looks. So if you didn't know where to buy slap bracelets, you have found your one stop shop for cute options in slap bracelets!

Charm bracelets for kids make fantastic gifts that keep on giving! Keep up the charm collections with adorable animals, fun initials, or best friend charms. These cute charm bracelets come in stainless steel or soft friendship bracelets to make it into trading fun with your friends. Beaded charm bracelets for kids are tender for their skin and will come with their favourite characters like Frozen and My Little Pony. Our affordable and cheap charms for bracelets will be useful gifts or as small rewards for good grades and good behavior. Reward your babies with fun charms!

Just like how our Queen Bey says put a ring on it, put a ring on to amp up that outfit of the day look! Cute rings are fun to layer with midi rings and stacked ring designs. Also available in fun finishes like rose gold ring sets, our rings for girls are great for dress up play or for your prom looks for ultimate glam. Go super blinged out or try raw cut stones like agate or crystals for a little boho vibe. Never be afraid of wearing those rocks cause too many stones is never enough stones! Rings for teens come in several mood ring styles or popular geometric shapes to keep you looking chic and cool.

Wear our girl's anklets to the beach in your fancy flip flops or primp your pumps with gold anklets to raise the glamour. Sterling silver ankle bracelets make great options for those with sensitivities or just want their costume jewellery to last a little longer than usual. An anklet bracelet goes a long way to dress up your cute feet for beach time or glam time! For you and your bestie, multicoloured best friend anklets are cute and comfy to change it up and do some tradesies with your crew.

Dress up those feet with anklets for girls and beautiful ankle jewellery! Share with a friend with best friend anklets in mixed metals and adorable charms, or glam it up with sterling silver ankle bracelets for a special occasion! Wear it with heels, cute ankle boots, or sandals! We are here to adorn you head to toe with great jewelleryfor every occasion! Make your look unique with Claire's jewelleryand a lot of love. All you might need is love, but a little jewellery never hurt anybody.

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Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced is SO easy and safe! There's no need to make an appointment, just stop by your local Claire's store and our trained and experienced specialists will be ready to take care of you! If you're thinking about getting your ears pierced, we've expanded our services and assortment to give you the trends you love! We offer ear piercing sets equipped with ear care, or you can upgrade to our Rapid Aftercare Lotion that enables you to change your lobe earring within 3 weeks! Check out all the piercing options we offer as well as the hundreds of stud options, and fall in love with our selection!

Glam Boutique

With prom just around the corner, Claire's knows how important it is to look flawless! Our glam jewelry ideas will help you achieve the unique look you want for an amazing night. If your look is full of drama, then you need the best statement fashion jewelry complete with dramatic dangles, extra sparkles, and ornate designs. For a touch of romance you can mix metals like rose gold or silver into your collection of party jewelry. Try a few simple chokers for unique boutique jewelry ideas that will give a vintage twist to any evening wear. Whatever it is you're looking for, Claire's will take care of all those fabulous finishing touches!

Ear Party

There's no party like an ear party cause an ear party is MADE for you! Create killer combos of ear party jewellery to create a unique look that is all your own. You should check out some of our "how-to" suggestions to mix and match different finishes and textures. Combine your helix ear piercing with your cartilage ear piercing and put on your regular studs, or play with some ear crawlers, jackets, daith piercings, and rook piercings, and see how fun it is to keep changing it up. Stick with short and casual looks or go for full on dramatic drop earrings or dangle options to really get your glam on!

Arm Party

Stack all your favorite cuffs, bracelets, bangles, and wraps all for a unique look. Here, you make your own rules. You can mix your own metals, make your own jewelry, add a few fashion jewelry ideas and textures, and you have a look all your own. This work for every fashionista, from trendy to edgy, boho to glam, you can perfect the look that's right for you. Don't forget to add an arm cuff to really step up your style game!