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White Daisies Stiletto Faux Nail Set - 24 Pack

Original Price£8.00 Sale Price£4.80

Birthday Cake Makeup Set - Pink

Original Price£20.00 Sale Price£12.00

Pineapple Jelly Coin Purse Keyring - Fuchsia

Original Price£10.00 Sale Price£6.00

Candy Lip Gloss Set - 3 Pack

Original Price£12.00 Sale Price£7.20

Faux Pearl Skin Gems - White

Original Price£8.00 Sale Price£2.50

Bling Dessert Cellphone Makeup Palette - Pink

Original Price£8.00 Sale Price£4.80

Lavender Ombre Crystal Square Faux Nail Set - 24 Pack

Original Price£10.00 Sale Price£6.00

7th Heaven Stardust Galactic Gold Peel-Off Face Mask

Original Price£4.50 Sale Price£2.25

Time for your GLOW UP!

Eyes & Eyelashes

Our false lash stunners are going to pump up some major lash volume. Open up your eyes to some fab faux lashes that will elevate your look with just a quick application. With our amazing adhesive, and will last while you go about your day and hang all night. Just like all of your favorite Instagram makeup gurus, you can get various sizes, lengths and densities to match your heart's desires.

Pucker Pops

PuckerPops easily fit in your pocket or come with a keychain attachment to prop on to your keys or your backpack to keep those lips from chapping throughout the day. There will never be a shortage of cute chapsticks from Claire’s! Lip gloss sets for kids come in metallic and glittery magic for their #ootd. Tweens can get their hands on girl’s lip gloss for all of their lip moisture needs, or if they just want to add a little something extra to their makeup looks

Bath & Body

Have a soak with bubbles and watch your troubles wash away. Laying in a cozy bath is the ultimate relaxation, and your bath bomb is a must-have tool! For heavenly scents and for bonus rejuvination, grab your next scented bath bombs from Claire's for sweet surprises and more! If you're feeling playful, throw in an emoji bath bomb for some citrus aromas. If you're feeling like a mermaid and making a splash in the water, find shells and star bath bombs to transform your bath into the sea, and you the beautiful mermaid.

Everything Nails

Your nails are the exclamation point at the end of a sentence. They give off style and glam, and they say a lot about you! Our faux nail sets are hotter than hot and come in many designs and colours for you to choose from. Edgier looks can be highlighted with gorgeous metallics and dark matted colours. For those glam girls out there, play with our pretty nude colours and marble designs. The cutesy club will love our nautical sets, hearts, and adorable kitty press on nails that are super easy to apply. Go crazy with our many options like nail polish options to create ombre looks, and metallic mermaid designs! Pick your style in faux sets like stiletto & square shapes, and so much more! Get your glam on with our irresistible fake nail sets!

Beauty Accessories for Girls

Cute Makeup Gift Ideas

Wake up and makeup! Let your daily art turn into fun and ultimate cuteness with our tween makeup brands and kids makeup. One look is all it will take for you to fall head over heels with our cute compacts and glitter makeup for kids. You know that there's never enough glitter in the world so we are here to make you glimmer like a goddess or to add some quality to your dress up play with a toddler makeup set! From eyeshadow palettes, to lip gloss sets for kids, to body jewels, you'll find new ways to get your makeup game stronger than ever! Our makeup for kids is created with you in mind, and you'll see just how much fun our girl's cosmetics can be!

Makeup Bags and Cases For Girls

We've hooked you up with adorable kids makeup case to store your essentials. With a holographic makeup bag, you'll be glowing with today's trendy favorite, or put your pretty things in a Hello Kitty cosmetic case to show off your favourite character. A unicorn makeup bag is sure to spread some magic and is perfect for storing your glittery looks and girl's makeup tools and accessories. Our beauty kits for kids come with cute makeup brushes with touches of rose gold and holographic so you can feel like you're creating masterpieces everyday. Some makeup accessories for girls are handy necessities you need to keep up your beauty routine. Our makeup brush cleaning tools are the best things to have because they make cleaning easy and simple! Eyelash curlers, special skin treatments, and more are all here for you to indulge in for a great face!

Lip Gloss and Lip Balm For Girls

Our girl's lip gloss come in fun lip gloss sets for kids with shiny and shimmery colours! Lip gloss for little girls are easy to apply and come in light tints to brighten their pucker. Try a chapstick necklace for school to make sure your lips are getting the moisture they need. Fun lip balm is practically our motto, so we have an amazing assortment of Pucker Pops with fun faces and googly eyes that are easy hook ups for your school bag or your keys. This way you never forget to take care of your lips! Other cute lip balms include silicone characters that wrap around your lip treatments in fun colours and icons that are always happy to see you.

Nail Polish and Stickers To Complete Your Look!

Our nail accessories are far more than just nail polishes. Although, nail polish for girls continues to be the quick and easy way to express yourself. We've given you extra tools to amp up your nail game with nail polish stickers, faux nails, and gem kits. Get metallic styles to perfect that chrome look, or make a splash with mermaid nail polish and kits to show off your scales and seashell patterns. Your babies can also get cute with easy to apply kids nail stickers that come in cute characters and heart icons. We carry more in nail polish accessories for you to create designs or achieve easy lines or stripes with amazing tools that the pros use. Nothing improves your mood like a good manicure, so let Claire's take care of your digits!

Cute Girl’s Sleeping Masks

Catching those z's are super important. We want you to get your best beauty rest with our sleeping masks for kids. A cute sleep mask makes sleepovers fun with our furry, patterned, and glam girl's sleeping masks. Let your eyes do the talking with cute animal sleep masks like happy pandas, princess rabbits, and fuzzy black cats with ears. If you like a bit of glam, there's certainly no shortage of sequin and holographic sleep masks for you, too! Add this comfort to your beauty routine because sleep also helps you out with skin perfection!

Scented and Emoji Bath Bombs For Girls

A good bath sets you up for ultimate rejuvenation! Scented bath bombs whisk you away to a quality spa and leave your skin feeling soft. Pretend you're a mermaid and use a shell bath bomb to make you feel like you're swimming in the sea, or fly in the cosmos with pretty star bath bombs. For your little kiddos, our emoji bath bombs are so much fun and might even have a surprise for you once it’s evaporated into your bath. Who says bath time can't be fun?

Temporary Tattoo Designs For Girls

Great for costuming or dress up, our temporary tattoos make fun additions to your accessory collection. Use them as small gift ideas or prizes for parties. Try rainbow temporary tattoos for the next time you hit up the cosmic bowling alley for some colourful glow in the dark fun. Star temporary tattoos help you transform into out of this world looks from space and beyond. If you're playing with face gems and body glitter, our fake body tattoos also help in completing your glam festival look!

Face and Body Jewels For Girls

Speaking of glam festival looks, body jewels and face gems have turned into the hottest looks you'll see out in the festival fields or for glitter parties. Stick on face jewels come in perfectly placed patterns so the application process is easy for you! Stick on body jewels give you the freedom to create your own beautiful designs and work well with body glitter for girls. Turn up the sparkle with gold body stickers and face jewels with body glitter to look like a magical creature!

Eye Makeup And Even More Glitter For Girls!

When in doubt, just add more glitter. Shimmery eye makeup works some magic to your body jeweled looks, and our eyeshadow for kids gives you those glittery options and so much more! These days makeup vids come with amazing glitter eye makeup looks and we give you the tools and accessories you need to achieve those unicorn looks to make you sparkle on the outside like you do on the inside. Try Claire's unicorn dust and other loose glitter to play up your eyes like never before!