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Ultimate hair glam is just a click away with girl's hair accessories! Style up those tresses with hair scrunchies and fab flower headbands, or pick up a few things for the cuties in little girl's hair accessories. They'll want to play all day with adorable faux hair extensions in multiple colours to transform into a fairy or a rockstar. Hair accessories for toddlers come in cute colours and sweet icons like ice cream cones, ladybugs, and unicorns to spread some magic. Our cute hair accessories can make any day better when you style up your hair with a great selection from Claire's! You'll never have another bad hair day again!

Perk up your pony tails with velvet scrunchies and other textured looks for a hint of pretty. On Wednesdays, we wear pink, so pick up a pink scrunchie for those days you're feeling extra happy. Speaking of happiness, yellow scrunchies shine like the sun for those multi-coloured looks. For school spirit and rallies we've got your favourite basics like a red scrunchy to show of some school pride! Scrunchies recall a bygone era when cute scrunchies were all the rage, and we encourage you to adopt some of those style tips to take advantage of cool scrunchy fashion! Wear hair scrunchies around your wrist to add that extra bracelet accessory to match your outfit, or use a scrunchie or other hair elastics to tie up that oversized tee. We've got all your favourite options here waiting for you!

Show off those festive vibes with floral headbands to make summer last forever. For hints of sparkle or to add a bit of edgy metallics, our stretchy headbands for girls give that trendy look without trying too hard. If you're looking for high fashion, you'll want to rock our cat headbands that come studded, glittered, and also with lights! Nothing says "look at me" like some purrfect kitty ears or floral headbands. Little cuties will love our bow headbands in cute prints and patterns that work well with any hair type!

Hot hair is always a must! Perfect those gorgeous updos with girl's hair jewellery and hair jewels! You'll find most will come with a little something extra, whether it's a few florals, elegant designs to enhance your do, or a few chains to wrap around a fancy bun. Head chain jewellery will be great for those boho looks to amp up the hippie vibes. Head chains make great hair accessories because they are hassle free and don't require you to have a fancy hairstyle. Just toussle up some romantic waves in your hair and show off your head chain.

Giant hair bows are all the rage! Your favourite artists and celebs sport gorgeous giant girl's hair bows in their hair and defo get some buzz on every magazine cover and paparazzi sighting. Hair bows for girls and hair bow clips have become a staple in many different looks. Whether you're a bit hipster or a bit hip-hop, gold hair bows, red hair bows, and even some buffalo plaid hair bows make for some super adorbs looks for everyday wear. Our BFF JoJo Siwa, has given Claire's some exclusive kids hair bows! Find a sparkly blue hair bow with matching earrings or basic red hair bows with her logo. Grab yourself a pack of glitzy and colourful rainbow options for school and for those amazing weekends out with the fam!

Are you looking to buy flower crowns? When the festival season hits, Claire's has you covered! We know you're already plotting out your outfit to go with your flower crowns. Don't let your hair show up bored. Liven it up with a blue flower crown to blend with the sky for those heavenly vibes, or do one better with a white flower crown with big florals that look good with any outfit. For those nighttime events, play with a red flower crown that lights up, so everyone knows you're the one over there with the great hair. Girl's flower crowns are made for the precious little ones with the honour of flower girl duties. Picture perfect innocence for your cuties awaits in our unique selections on girl's flower crowns!

Your animal instincts will be on high alert when wearing our kitty ears headband. Match your cat eyes with cat ear headbands that have been the hottest hair trend to date. Grab a kitty headband adorned with flowers, lace, and maybe even a few lights for those glamourous nighttime looks to die for! Cat ears are here to stay, so start putting your feline looks together with purrfect hair in our cat headband options. Everyone's favourite magical creature deserves some love too, and you don't shy away from leaving a little sparkle everywhere you go. Let a unicorn headband spread some joy and magic at your next costume outing. You can find all of our animal ear headbands in various textures and colours; fall in love with holographic designs, studs, and fake leather. You won't want to take these cat ear headbands off!

Something we love just as much as glitter are flowers! Fabulous flower clips have no age limit, and we want to take care of your pretty hair and adorn it with a garden. Want to keep it simple and classy? Why not try a flower hair clip, or try on some flower hair pins for those fancy updos. Get the classic beauty look with a red flower hair clip which will certainly grab some attention. Some sweet little flower hairpins can make a little one into a sweet princess. Never underestimate the power of having a flower for hair.

Take care of your hair with a necessity every girl should have! Get that shine going with girl's hair brushes that will help keep your hair looking healthy. Children's hair brushes come in cute and fun patterns to encourage some good hair maintenance for your little ones. A compact hairbrush comes in handy for travel and will come with other handy essentials like a mirror to make sure you don't go anywhere without taking care of your hair. A hair brush is one of the best hair tools to have on you at all times!

There is no need for a hair salon when you can change up your hair with super fun clip-in hair extensions! Faux hair extensions are easy to put on and even easier to take off, unlike that crazy coloured hair dye you used in the bathroom that one time. These fake hair extensions make a makeover super easy for those evenings or events you want to glam up, or try multiple colours for those costumed looks. Fake hair options at Claire's also come in hair buns, bangs, or hair claws or clips to make it look like you just magically grew hair! Get over to our faux options because faux hair is a hot trend!

Get a grip on messy hair! Throw messy hair into a clean look with hair claw clips. Hair clips are a foremost essential in hair accessories when you don't want to deal with hair elastics and ties. Hair claws are what your moms and grandmas used, but ours have been touched by Claire's for sparkle and glimmer. Some days you just need to keep your hair out of your face, and a basic pony just won't cut it. Claw clips make for an excellent option for multiple looks and keep your hair looking neat. If you don't have at least a handful already, drop everything and grab some hair claws and hair grips now!

Claire’s hair clips collection seems to go on and on forever! Discover butterfly hair clips and flower hair clips. Our claw hair clips have exploded into something glittery and beautiful for girls of any age! Grab a package of bow hair clips with ladybugs and unicorns, to get her photo-ready for that next family photo. You don't do boring, so decorative hair clips are the way to go for your next hair must-have!

You'll never look the same after playing with our hair colour sprays! We have your trendy hair colour for those cool hipster looks, and as a bonus, spray-on hair colour is easy to wash out. Coloured hair spray can go a long way to change your look from quiet to bold. Check out some hair colour spray to see how you can liven up that hair for whatever makes you happy!

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Small Ditsy Floral Hair Scrunchie Scarf - Yellow

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Claire's Club Panda Polyresin Hair Clips - 6 Pack

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Black & Silver Hair Slides - 6 Pack

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Medium Faux Fur Penguin Hair Scrunchie - Rainbow

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Pink & Black Quilted Mini Hair Claws - 2 Pack

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JoJo Siwa™ Unicorn Hair Scrunchies - 5 Pack

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Mixed Metal Spiral Hair Tools - 5 Pack

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Small Pleated Floral Hair Scrunchie Scarf - Seafoam

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Cute Hair, Don't Care!

Claire's Club Hair

For your tiny fashionista, we've got all the basics for all the right looks. Dress their tresses with barrettes, headbands & simple scrunchies to match each outfit. They'll be ready & outfitted for the playground from head to toe! Take a peek at other essentials in our hair range meant for our cuties aged 3-6.

Special Ocassion Hair

For those extra special events that require a little more glam, our special occasion hair accessories will get you looking perfect. When you need a little sparkle for formal festivities, check out our party hair accessories! Don't forget to check out a few tutorials from us on how to really step up the glamour! Never worry about where to get the perfect hair accessories for all of your events because we are ready for whatever look you are trying to achieve. Your little ones can also get the sparkle treatment with girl's special occasion hair accessories for any formal event! Even she deserves to be a little diva for a night!

Hair Bows

Oversized hair bows are a big thing at Claire's! We've brought amazing hair bows for girls with every style you love. Pair your perfect big hair bow with your next outfit for the ultimate accessory add-on! Our bows come in super sparkles, birthstones, and rainbow colours for extra fa-BOW-lous looks! When you need a bit of fun added on to your hair, you'll get all the cuteness and confidence you need after you clip it on and go. Dance your bow off and glow with a new bow today!

Fake Hair

Transform into a new character with snap in hair clips! Select any colour of the rainbow and discover our huge spectrum of fake hair for girls to suit your mood. With no need to dye or spray your natural locks, choose the easy way to experiment with colour. Go for fake hair extensions for girls that never breaks the school rules and switch your style whenever you need to! Flashes of colour can peep through your natural hair or a fluorescent wig can surprise your whole squad.