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Cat Ears Lanyard - Black

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Rose Gold Tinted Mod Sunglasses - Blush

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Pastel Striped Sheer Knee High Socks

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Cotton Rainbow Striped Face Mask - Adult

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Striped Floppy Hat - Black

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Cotton Pastel Butterflies Face Mask - Adult

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Claire's Club Ombre Rainbow Wand

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Rimless Top Sunglasses - Black

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Fab Fashion Finds


Get your feel for some trendy textures in our range of hats! A fuzzy touch and even some new patterns for the cool season ahead that gives you all the style! If you're a sucker for some bold patterns, fall colours and more, you've come to the right place! You'll successfully top off your seasonal looks with the latest trends in hats that'll last you all year long.

Frames & Sunglasses

Looking for more casual frames, you'll love our retro sunglasses and our rounds for simpler touches, but don't shy away from some of our brighter colours or cat eye frames! These finds will have you experimenting with some great looks These days, you cannot complete an outfit without out the proper frames. New shapes and shades for every outfit!

Dress Up

As the seasons change, we know the seasonal activities do too. So get your girls and coordinate some fun, scary, and festive looks for all seasons! Skim through our dress up outfits for girls and gather amazing ideas on how to make the celebrations a time to remember. Choose from tutus, to tiaras, to headwear, and other girl's dress up accessories to truly make your look authentic and unique! Our dress up accessories for girls will definitely make any and all festivities the best ever!


For those days where the sun refuses to shine and the sky needs to cry, you can carry your own happiness with fun umbrellas from Claire's! Bright, bold, and colourful patterns that you'll love to show off when you're walking home from school or trying to brighten your day a bit more on the weekends. You deserve a fashionable option when you're making your trek through the rain, so make it a trendy one with one of our cute umbrellas!

All About Fashion

Fashion Accessory Gift Ideas

Fashion is all about how we express ourselves. And Claire's wants to supply you with all your options in the hottest trends in accessories for girls to find out what your style is. Here you'll find plenty to dress you up from head to toe. Sunglasses, scarves, and costume options are here for you to choose how you want to look today. Seasonal items like beanies or knitted hats make their way through the cooler months while straw hats and fedoras take over come spring. Little ones ages 3-6 can find plenty of fashion in our children's accessories. Choose from items that display ultimate cuteness in cuddly accessories and fun colours in sunglasses, tutus, and girl's crew socks. Our accessories for girls can make your little cutie shine! Special occasions are equally important for your babies, and our toddler girl's accessories can give you cute add ons for that formal event you're attending.

Girl's Socks

Socks are such an unbelievable necessity, you forget how essential they are for just everyday use. We've stepped it up a notch more in our girl's crew socks to give you a variety of colour and fun messages for your girl's night in. Get cozy in fresh socks when you're with your girl gang. Or proudly wear your knee high socks for girls that represent your school colours. You can find lots of ways to dress up our colourful options for your next costume or spirit day!

Sunglasses For Girls

The sun is for warmth and cool sunglasses. These days, you cannot complete an outfit without out the proper sunnies! Try a pair of our rainbow aviators that will amp up your festival look. A pair of fruit sunglasses just scream "weekend vibes" all over it. Or get cute with cat ear glasses for the feminine feline moments where you want to match it up with some cat ear headbands to show off your sass! The sun is looking to heat you up, so put on a pair of cool shades to show off your style! Our popular aviator frames for girls have evolved into ombre lenses and flat lenses, which are super chic for any look. Silver frame sunglasses and glasses with gold frames are your best options for quality looks. If you are into more casual frames, you'll love our retro sunglasses and our rounds for simpler touches, but don't shy away from some of our brighter colours or cat eye frames! These finds will have you experimenting with some great looks.

Fun Tutus For Girls

Channel your inner ballerina or your 80's queen with our girls tutus and suspenders! These make great options for your next 10K or when your headed out to a glow in the dark party! Nothing says spirit like neon outfits for girls! You can rock girl's neon tutus with matching suspenders and matching fake glasses, and just get weird! While looking at our cute suspenders, take advantage of fun emoji options where you can really play with nerd looks or if you just love the unique style that suspenders for girls gives you. If you're celebrating something special, your tutus for teenagers would go well with birthday sashes for girls. You'll have the full look of a birthday queen in no time, just add your bright tutu!

Girl's Hats

Our hats for girls have lots of messages of positivity and declarations of friendships. The unicorn lovers will appreciate our many baseball caps for girls dedicated to the magic and the beauty that is unicorns. We think it's important to spread magic and smiles, and you can say it with our girl's baseball caps. A lot of love and colour is available in our baseball caps for girls with tie dye options and messages like Love Is Love. Other cool hats for girls include our summer panama styles and fedoras with cute pom details or embroidery. During the cooler months, our beanie hats for girls will have a chance to shine and will have you ready for the fall season! Grab our Bestie girl's beanie hats for you and your squad so the world can see what your friendship really means. Wear girl's knitted hats for transitional seasons when the weather hasn't quite hit that chill, but a little warmth is helpful. Your little cuties will love our cute hats for girls with unicorn icons, hearts, and cuddly friends to wear around all day.

Girl's Fashion Scarves

Girl's scarves are the easy add on options for girls that might not wear too much jewelry. Girl's fashion scarves can put together an outfit in very exciting ways! With a bit of shimmer, or foil decals, your little bit of shine can have you feeling like a fashionista. Try on our heavier knitted girl's infinity scarves when you're looking for some additional warmth on those cool nights. Multiple patterns and icons will look great on top of basics or neutral tones. Kid's fashion scarves will once again bring that dose of cuteness with our options that include some of our brands. However, kids appreciate a bit of warmth too, so try on one of our infinity scarves for girls for the stylish one that likes to keep things simple.

Gloves For Girls

The fishnet girl's fingerless gloves have made a full comeback for those edgier fashion looks and for costume options. Our girl's gloves also include studded and lace alternatives to amp up the edge. For more elegant options, girl's white gloves are perfect for prom or for your littles that have bridal party duties as flower girls. Get her a pair of long gloves for little girls that will have her feeling like a tiny princess. Never underestimate the way gloves for girls can transform a look! You might just need to get them for every occasion!

Lanyards For Girls

It can be a tough business keeping track of your keys and your ID. If you don't know where to buy a lanyard by now, then you might have missed how we are trying to make your life a little easier. Claire's has taken down some notes on stylish ways to give you hot pink lanyards, blingy lanyards, and holographic lanyards. When you take a look at our lanyards for girls, you'll see how essential and helpful an item like this can be. Grab yourself a cute lanyard and keep your keys and ID handy. Wear it around your neck to avoid leaving it anywhere! We're crossing our fingers that our bright and sparkly options will leave you a little less forgetful, but also a lot more stylish!