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Treat your phone like it's a huge responsibility because it is! Since we don't do basic here, adorn your new phone with fun and colourful cases to protect it! Claire's has got phone cases in your favourite colours, patterns, sparkles and fun expressions to protect your phone! Whatever your mood, style or outfit, your phone is the ultimate accessory you never leave home without! Make sure it matches whatever you are wearing! Looking for an iPhone case or a Samsung Galaxy phone case? Claire's has you covered. We carry iPhone cases for girls for the iPhone 5/5s through the latest iPhone. For the non-Apple peeps, find Samsung Galaxy phone cases ranging from the S5 to the S8. In addition, we carry girls' phone cases for older models like Samsung Galaxy J3 cases or Samsung Galaxy J7.

Listen to your fave tunes with cute earbuds and headphones; we've got some of the most fun earbuds for kids and tweens! Find kid's earbuds in several colours and fun animals. Choose from your favourite emoji headphones compatible with any phone with a headphone jack. Ring stand phone holders are great to help with viewing vids on your phone without issue. Ring stands can be a pretty addition to your cute phone case for kids. Add a little bling to your phone with our adorable phone charms without making your phone look too busy. Finally, charge your phone with cute phone charger cords in multiple colours and patterns to give it ultimate accessorized vibes!

Flaunt a bit of fur with our fur and pompom cases. A cute statement piece to add a bit of fun and fuzziness! Then, elevate it with ultimate accessory vibes; furry rabbit and cat ears gives your phone the protection it needs while showing off your playful side. We have some super soft options available while maybe giving it a bit of glam with some rhinestone and glitter! Other fantastic options include some of your favourite animals and magical creatures with bright, bold colours and rainbows, because what else is there? Everyone needs a furry unicorn phone case! PopSockets are a helpful addition to your phone in many ways! PopSockets are a great phone stand for kids so you don't have to hold your phone while watching your favorite vids. Avoid common mishaps and manage your phone to adjust your grip better! Claire's has colorful and fun prints to work with your current phone case or to cuten it up a bit.

We care about your devices so much that we've developed exceptional protective cases. However, we don't do boring, nor should you. So we've got you covered in some cool prints and holographic to keep them safe and looking good. For your delicate glass screen, decrease your chances of causing some significant damage with a screen protector. These rigid sheets are made of tempered glass. They are anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, shatter-resistant, bubble-free, and their delicate touch features make this screen protector the ultimate defence against screen damage.

It bears repeating, but our cases can often be matched with great earbuds for girls or kids headphones if you're looking to match or maintain a cute theme. Consider everything that Claire's offers when gift-giving, travelling or looking to update with some cute style options! View everything available in tech for all of your colourful and sparkly needs with a touch of you to protect your phones and devices. #itsatClaires

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