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Even if you are not together, Claire's can help you share the spirit of the season!

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Holographic Pastel Rainbow 50 Piece Makeup Set

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Pusheen® Medium Bow Plush - Pink

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Holographic Embossed Hearts Jewelry Box

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Initial Lip Gloss Keychain - Pink, A

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Zuru™ 5 Surprise™ Mini Brands! Blind Bag - Series 2, Styles May Vary

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Ty® Beanie Boo Small Catcher the Dalmation Plush Toy

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Ombre Sequin Initial Pencil Case - A

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Gold Heart Phone Case - Fits iPhone 11

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"My favorite holiday is Diwali, it is a 5 day long celebration in which we light candles and lamps in order to signify the light within us all that can out shine the darkness and evil. "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance".The festival is widely associated with Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, with many other regional traditions connecting the holiday to Sita and Rama, Vishnu, Krishna, Yama, Yami, Durga, Kali, Hanuman, Ganesha, Kubera, Dhanvantari, or Vishvakarman. Furthermore, it is, in some regions, a celebration of the day Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana after defeating Ravana in Lanka and serving 14 years of exile.
My favorite part is the lighting of the candles or lamps, it truly centers you and brings your inner light even brighter and gives you the courage to move forward. No one here really celebrates it so I just do a very small thing at my house. I love the history behind Diwali, it’s an incredible story. There are mantras or chants to do depending on which day of Diwali it is, and each one has a different meaning and will bring you different things."
-Brooke Jacob, Houma, US


"Each year our family gathers at church for an annual Christmas Show that is put on. Each year is a different show, and is enjoyed by all of our family, no matter what age."
-Denise Prehm, Hoffman Estates, US


"My girls! We are only able to come together as a group once a year. I LOVE it when we all get together for serious QT! We've been making lasting memories together for a long time now and they are even more meaningful this year."
-Julia Rimes, Los Angeles, US


"The excitement around cutting down our Christmas tree each year the day after Thanksgiving is truly magical! We bundle up, each take turns with the saw, and bring a thermos of hot chocolate to drink in the trunk after the "perfect" tree has been found and loaded on top of the car. Although things look different this year, the joy of being able to hold certain traditions during these difficult times is truly wonderful."
-Elizabeth Ketel, Hoffman Estates, US


"As a kid, we always cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My sister and I continue that tradition with our kiddos! Every year, we all pile into the car together to pick out our trees as a big family."
-Crissy LoSasso, Hoffman Estates, US


"Growing up we celebrated the Slovenian folk tradition of Sveti Miklavž (St. Nicholas) who brings gifts to children on the eve of December 6th. Every child that has been good in the past year receives a gift, as well as an assortment of fruits, cookies, nuts and candy. As immigrants of Slovenia, my parents brought the tradition to the States to share with us, and I take great joy in continuing the tradition with my family."
-Leo Kosir, Hoffman Estates, US


“One of our favorite holiday traditions is decorating gingerbread houses with my mom. Even though things look a bit different this year, we plan to honor our tradition by decorating our houses virtually! While we wish we could be together, I am thankful that we can still make memories as a family.” #ClairesMagicMaker
-Amy, Hoffman Estates, US


"Every year to bring smiles to my families faces I create a 1 of kind gift wrapping experience. Usually including an item that can be a keepsake to remember that year. Last year it was a handmade ornament with a word that described that person best."
-Britt, Hoffman Estates, US


"We love to celebrate the holidays by treating ourselves to fun holiday drinks from our favorite place, Starbucks!" #ClairesMagicMaker
-Amanda, Hoffman Estates, US


“Our family honors many traditions as we celebrate each year. Everyone is all dressed up and we usually gather at one family’s house to eat delicious food, light Diwali divas and spend time together. We also decorate our hands with henna patterns, too!” #ClairesMagicMaker
-Reema, Birmingham, UK


"We love having our puppy, Duncan, wear his own fancy sweater when we go to spend the holidays with our families! He also always gets a special treat that goes in his own puppy stocking!" #ClairesMagicMaker
-Elise, Hoffman Estates, US


"The best feeling during the holidays is being gathered around with family and loved ones. Watching the little kids open gifts and share their excitement is always the most fun part of my day!" #ClairesMagicMaker
-Elise, Hoffman Estates, US


“One of the most important Hindu holidays is Diwali. It’s a time for spreading joy, love and light to all. We light a lot of candles to illuminate through any dart times. This year looks very different and it’s such a wonderful reminder that there is light at the end of any dark time and that health and happiness are the most important. #ClairesMagicMaker
-Priya, Hoffman Estates, US


"One our favorite winter traditions is going to the All Aglow Express in Rockford, IL. There's a trolley ride around the river to enjoy the lights, listen to the Night Before Christmas read by Santa himself and enjoyed hot cocoa and s'mores." #ClairesMagicMaker
-Jennifer, Hoffman Estates, US

Holiday Gifts

Jewelry Gifts for Girls
Give a girl the gift of sparkle with a precious new piece of jewelry from Claire's! You can find fabulous jewelry gift sets for girls with fun characters and icons in all the colors she loves! Cute, stretchy ring sets for your little ones let her play dress up, or grab a full set with earrings and a necklace to pair with her favorite outfit. Claire's jewelry gifts for girls come in all the latest trends from ear crawlers to gorgeous body jewelry and special occasion jewelry. Make it a festive occasion with girl's holiday jewelry! Get in the holiday spirit with festive bells, sparkly tinsel, and light up jewelry! Make all of your holiday gatherings an epic one when you make Claire's your destination for fun holiday jewelry!

Cute Toys for Girls
It's about time to fill that toy box! Hear those sleigh bells bringing you some of the most adorable plush toys for girls! When you're looking for that perfect gift, Claire's has got the best plush gifts for girls with fun and soft cuties to take home. Adopt a new friend or take a cute little something to take home and cuddle with, you'll fall in love with our hundreds of plush animal gifts for girls. Display them in your room for those festive occasions or decorate your locker with cute toys for girls to brighten up your day. Some of our top girls gifts includes blind wrapped collectibles or Ty Beanie Boos (to name a few). But you're guaranteed to find the right toy for hours of fun! See what surprises are in store for your girl this holiday season!

Girl's Dress Up Outfits
We have girl's dress up outfits that are great year round! But we definitely LOVE to celebrate some of our favorite holidays with you too! Holiday dress up costumes are about to turn your next party into a vibrant affair! Slay the party game with Christmas dress up outfits for girls, and you'll get more than just your next festive holiday socks, you're gonna show off your style with light up accessories, holiday hats, and all the DIY ideas for your next ugly Christmas sweater party! It's not the holidays without some festive dress up fun!

Holiday Hair Accessories for Girls
Just like dressing up, your hair has to call the shots this holiday, too! Fun holiday hair accessories for girls starts with sparkles and with colorful ornaments. Yes, we expect you to have Christmas tree hair. Who says you can't go all out down to the last piece of tinsel for those braids of yours? Get creative with Christmas costume accessories for girls and Christmas hair accessories to celebrate the holidays like its your job!

Cute Gift Guide for Girls
Need some ideas for cute Christmas gifts for girls? Use our handy gift guide and find the super amaze trends, ideas & deals we've got for you, your bffs, or any cute girl in your life. Check all your boxes with style and must-haves to narrow down your options, but we know you're going to find the perfect gift for that special someone at a great deal. This cute gift guide for girls is about to save you so much time so you can shop for everyone on your list! Let's get started!

Claire on a Chair
Get to know our BFF Claire, the bravest, kindest, cutest little ballerina bunny the world has ever known! This sweet Claire on a Chair stuffed animal now comes with a cozy chair and a book about Claire! Read her adventure on how she became our Claire. Exclusively from our Claire's Club collection, your little cuties will fall in love with this Claire on a Chair plush ballerina bunny. Have her hang out in her favorite chair or snuggle up next to her and read her a story. Take her with you when you need a friend, or give her to someone that is looking for a friend! We all need a Claire in our lives, so come see this special bunny today!

Gifts for Little Girls
Cute little girls gifts with unicorns and owls and mermaids, oh my! We love providing your littlest ones with magical pieces to help them feel like a princess. Get all things shimmery and sparkly in various items like bags, sunglass cases, and jewelry for amazing dress up fun and hours of play! Pick from our licensed gifts for little girls with brands like Ty, My Little Pony, and Squeezies. Find adorable hair options with fun bows and flowers and get her ready for all those holiday family photos. Gifts for young girls are endless, and Claire's wants to help you get the right gift, for the right girl, at the right price. Happy shopping!

Personalized Gifts for Girls
Girl's personalized gifts give a thoughtful touch to gift giving. Grab initials in a huge assortment of jewelry, cosmetic accessories, and a TON more! Beautiful multi-finish jewelry is available in initial necklaces and bracelets that look great with every single outfit in your closet. Organize that jewelry with initial jewelry boxes that were made for your weekends with your BFFs. For those makeup crazed babes, grab an initial makeup case with all the compartments you need for your essentials. Zodiac gifts for girls have been a hot trend for those with stars in their eyes. Let your star sign be your guide with beautiful girl's zodiac gifts in tech and drinkware! These are just the few of the many options you can find in personalized gifts for girls! For you, for your BFF, or that girl you know that just deserves something to make her feel special!

Girl's Stocking Stuffers
Cheap stocking stuffers for girls line our walls and our shelves. Get some fun ideas together for those special girls that deserve a little something extra. Maybe some comfy socks? Try a blind wrap collectible or a few fun hair accessories! Our unique girl's stocking stuffers will keep those stockings looking like the most thoughtful and personal part of gifting excellence! Use these thoughtful additions for anyone and everyone. Stocking stuffers for girls are so much fun to put together! Gather the squad to put together some fun ideas for stocking stuffers for each other and make it a fun night of girl hangs and gifting. Who doesn't love a little creativity?

Beauty Gifts for Girls
Get that makeup magic happening with extra special beauty gifts for girls. Cute makeup brushes, makeup gift sets for girls in hundreds of palettes, and all the tools you need to perfect any look. Get inspired from our collection of how-to looks to get yourself holiday party ready with girl's makeup kits. Get a refresh for those holiday pics and keep those Insta-stories festive with trendy looks filled with Christmas cheer. Get that highlighter on full shine mode for the celebrations and fun holiday parties to come!

Cold Weather Gift Accessories
We hear it all the time...winter is coming! Pack on the layers and colorful poms to prepare for the winter chill. Girl's cold weather gifts are the necessities to braving the elements. Standard neutrals in our cold weather gift accessories can work well with all of your outerwear. Because we don't do "basic," stand out in winter sequin and metallics to add the pop of color that we know looks good on you. Braving the winter cold comes with braving the winter fashion with girl's cold weather gifts! Let the snow be your canvas and add lots of color. Stay warm out there girls!

Unicorn Gifts for Girls
It's the magical creature that no girl stops loving! Unicorns love to play during the holidays and are the best gifts that you can give. Unicorn accessories for girls include our huge assortment in perfect tech cases for your favorite device. Unicorn jewelry for girls live in our Claire's Club assortment that is made for your little cuties. Get cosmic unicorn vibes for all those tweens who love a bit of a hipster unicorn. Girl's unicorn gifts are fool proof and always make a great gift. Every girl needs a little magic in their lives, so give them a piece of that unicorn magic so they can leave a little sparkle wherever they go!