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Rad Hair Basics for the 90s Look

Rad Hair Basics for the 90s Look

Shop our whole 90s collection. It's awesome.

Hair Essentials For Tweens

Hair Essentials For Tweens

Elevate your style with extra credit hair looks!

Sky Brown Accessories

Sky Brown Accessories

Everything Sky wears to surf & skate!

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Claire's Club Glitter Snap Hair Clips - 6 Pack

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JoJo Siwa™ Pride Hair Bow - White

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Daisy Denim Bow Headband

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Chiffon Flower Hair Clips - White, 4 Pack

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Pink & Yellow Tie Dye Knotted Headband

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Claire's Club Hair

For your tiny fashionista, we've got all the basics for all the right looks. Dress their tresses with barrettes, headbands & simple scrunchies to match each outfit. They'll be ready & outfitted for the playground from head to toe! Take a peek at other essentials in our hair range meant for our cuties aged 3-6.

Special Occasion Hair

Special Occasion Hair

For those extra special events that require a little more glam, our special occasion hair accessories will get you perfect and pretty. When you need florals for wedding hair accessories, don't forget to check out a few tutorials from us on how to really step up the glamour! Never worry about where to get prom hair accessories and homecoming hair accessories because we are ready for whatever look you are trying to achieve. Your little ones can also get the sparkle treatment with girl's special occasion hair accessories for any formal event! Even she deserves to be a little diva for a night!

Love, Diana

Love, Diana

A new and fun brand your little ones will love! Diana is the Princess of Play with a popular YouTube series "Kids Diana" with over 65 million subscribers. Diana believes that girls are meant to SHINE. She believes that all girls should be the princesses of their own kingdoms. Welcome to the Kingdom of Play...



For quick hair fixes and clean looks, try out our gigantic selection of headbands for girls. Patterns, prints and POMS are great for any outfit that consists of solid colors and basics. If you have a look that's slightly busier with patterns, express yourself in some floral pom headbands, holographics, or headbands adorned in gems for some extra glam. Feeling like a queen or a princess? Tiaras give you full royalty vibes to let you shine! Our athletic girls deserve some hassle-free hair too! All the best pom touches are here 365 days a year to meet your style needs and for every outfit!

About Fashion Hair Accessories

Life is too short to have boring hair! Cute hair accessories are one of our largest selections we offer at Claire's. Our assortment is open to all ages with some special attention drawn to our toddler hair accessories. They are ultimately precious with consideration of all reasons why your smallest ones should have cute hair! Playing dress up is the way memories are made for the little ones in your life and there's lots for them here. If your cutie is participating in a bridal party, a play, or other special event, we offer special little girl hair accessories for any occasion. Tween hair accessories are especially curated for super fab hair in all seasons and holidays. From color to glitter, gems to holographic, metallic to light-up, there is no stopping the sweet options we carry in girls hair accessories!

Cute Scrunchies For Girls

Hair scrunchies have made a comeback in hair fashion from the old days of fishnet gloves and too much hairspray. We've been around for awhile, so it's no doubt that where to buy scrunchies has always been Claire's. Cute scrunchies are a step up from your average hair elastics; their fabrics, patterns, and colors have always been the staple to an outfit. Take a red scrunchy for your next patriotic red, white, and blue event to pair with your blue jeans and hightops. Yellow scrunchies as bright as the sun are so perfect for summer, you'll be making the world jealous with how in touch with summer vibes you are! In the 80's and 90's, some of our cute scrunchies were often worn as bracelets to just add a bit of pretty to our outfits. A fan favorite would be the pink scrunchie that added that feminine element you didn't know you needed, or you could play with velvet scrunchies for a formal update or a date night. Just like our headbands for girls, playing with patterns and prints on more solid color look give an elevated look. For any girl that would like some fabulousness, metallic and sequined options are always a good choice, because we full on believe that there is never enough glitter.

Headbands For Girls

Headbands never get old, and can oftentimes be a lifesaver! Those hot days are just around the corner and you need a way to keep your hair from sticking to your face! We've all been there when you've gone all day with your hair flying around and you just need a little something to smooth it out (and out of your face) to get through class or a car ride. Girls headbands have really taken a jump from the same old elastic or plastic headbands of the old days. Cat headbands and unicorn headbands offer some magical self expression, as well as bow headbands with perfect seasonal colors and patterns including gorgeous floral headbands.

Cute Tiaras For Girls

Feel like a queen in our tiaras! Adorn yourself like royalty and create some envy with our assortment of gorgeous gold tiaras and silver tiaras. Your next prom or special birthday celebration is waiting for you to display a little bling to truly make you the belle of the ball! Make a splash like everyone's favorite sea princess, and try on a mermaid-esque tiara made of shells and sparkly jewels. A princess tiara, all in pink, is waiting for your tiny princess in our assortment for all the fantasy dress up needs of your little ones! Sparkle and shine like only you can!

Beautiful Hair Jewelry For Girls

Sprinkle some hair jewels on for some wistful beauty for prom or any other special occasion! Looks like this can be achieved with clips, grips, or claws, but can be best styled with spinners so it looks like you just walked out of a floral garden, and watch them last all day and night! Clip them on to your braids if you're looking to capture the boho vibes with head chain jewelry. Show off your zen with head chains that can be worn with short or long hair. Chains have always served many fierce looks during festival season, so grab yours today to offer up some free spirit vibes!

Girl's Bows

Hair bows for girls are the classic add on from casual to glam! Thanks to JoJo Siwa and her fab collection of oversized hair bows, we know how to truly amp up a look with big and beautiful bows. Gold hair bows and other metallic favorites are often the choice when it comes to giving some life to an outfit. Pop on some glitter or pearls to add that little something extra when it comes to making things exciting. A precious red hair bow can offer a bit of happiness to a little future fashionista. Children's hair bows are perfect options for special occasions and that next Instagram post. Kid's hair bows and glam are what any instagram or Facebook feed is filled with, which is why we thought of great ways of innovating hair bows for kids and tweens that give some sass with tie dye, holographic, and rockin animal prints! It's so easy to add some edge with bows for hair.

Girl's Flower Crowns

Flower crowns will never lose their edge especially when the free spirit vibes are high! When it comes to outdoor hangs, festival season, or even a themed flower party you will be styled out in pretty petals until the day is over! Try a gorgeous white flower crown for wedding season or a blue flower crown while hitting the beaches to vibe with the sky and sea! You can traditionally find a beautiful red flower crown around halloween season to liven up the night time scene. Our girls flower crowns are available in light up options for those late night festivities, but they definitely don't stop there. We wouldn't be Claire's if we didn't offer glitter, gems, and gorgeous chains to play up your bouquet! Stop by and smell the roses.

Flower Clips For Hair

In case those flowers aren't enough for your green thumb, check out our flower hair clips that give you so much chic and glam, you'll be the envy of whatever room you're in. It's a simple add on to your hair without any fuss or hassle, but probably the best way to elevate any look! If you're a regular garden party attendee, flower hair pins can be your simple accessory to make you feel part of the party. Roses are everyone's favorite, create a mini bouquet out of red flower hair clips to give the illusion of real flowers and attach them to other things like a scarf or your clutch. Snap it on to a hair tie to make it look like a super cute bracelet in case you need something extra. Feel like a flower in your new flower clips!

Headbands With Ears

Animal ear headbands are popping up everywhere! Music videos and social media have shown some of your favorite artists in hot cat ears. Our stock in cute kitty ears headbands is so crazy, you'll have one for each of your nine lives. High fashion editorials will also show you a few cute bear ears or poms during some cooler months that are only just a click away on Claire's website! Dip your toe into a magical fantasy and displaying some unicorn vibes with a unicorn headband! We all have a little magic in us, so why not show it off and enjoy the gorgeous holographic and sparkly options that were meant for you! Never worry about where to buy cat ears or your next unicorn headband, Claire's has got you covered for all of your animal instincts.

Girl's Hair Brushes

Good hair does not stay home on a Friday! Take care of your tresses and brush it out! Of all the hair tools that are necessary for great hair, girls hair brushes will save you from some crazy tangles. Since we aren't a fan of "boring" you can find all the crazy designs, colors, compact hair brushes you need for convenience. For your little ones with more delicate hair, we've got children's hair brushes that are tiny and perfect just like them! With all the options you have, you'll have one in every place you go! Keep one at school that's equipped with a compact mirror, or grab a kids hair brush for your purse when your babies may have gotten into some antics at the park or the mall. Consider your hair brushes as a magic wand to make bad things go away, like crazy tangles. You'll be the next hair magician!

Faux Hair & Extensions

Fake hair, don't care! Do some instant hair growth magic with clip in hair extensions to match your current color. If you're feeling fun or you have a costume themed event coming up, try a full faux hair wig in vibrant pink or an icy white. Faux hair clips are also quick ways to add some length to your current hair. For your small ones, fake hair clips come in a variety of unicorn and rainbow colors for their next dress up play date! You'll find that many are easy to manage and come attached with adorable butterfly clips to just snap on. Play all day, kids and tweens alike, with fun fake hair extensions from Claire's!

Hair Color

Everything looks better in color! You don't have to be brave to change it up with easy colored hair sprays to experiment with your favorite pink, blue, or GLITTER! Hair color sprays are simple and wash out quickly, but not before you get a couple of selfies with your vibrant hair. Try it and see what you'll like, or maybe play a little dress up with hair color spray to match your outfit or your next school spirit day!

Hair Clips & Hair Accessories For Kids

Put away the hair elastics and grab hair claw clips from Claire's! Simple hair tools for quick, easy, and chic hair that you'll wonder why you don't always have one on you. Your mom probably had plenty of claw clips at one point, but you know what's hers is hers, right? Try a few butterfly hair clips for some that extra cute factor that's totally you! Bow hair clips are helpful for any occasion in the realm of decorative hair clips for all ages. Flower hair clips go without mentioning because flowers instantly make everything better, but they are as simple to put on as they are to admire. Other easy options aside from girls hair clips are hair grips or claw hair clips that can also be adorned in a bit of shine and sparkle for anything formal or casual, but without any kind of nasty tugging or hair pulling. Let's take care of our hair and make it pretty, shall we?