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Sidney the Koala Furry Lock Diary - Gray

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Claire's Club Rainbows & Unicorns Jewelry Box - Mint

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Polka Dot Bear Plush Lock Diary - White

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Pineapple Mason Jar Mug - Blue

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Magical Unicorn Squish Pen

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Spring Flowers Instax Photo Frame

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Sweet Treat Cell Phone Bling Makeup Set - Pink

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Wall Decor

Girl's wall decorations are meant for someone who loves to claim their space. Give them a chance to utilize some of our cute wall decorations and wall canvases for girls to spread positive messages and maybe a little sass too. Our wall decorations for girls also include beautiful dream catchers of all sizes and colors! We've got sparkle, and we've got rainbows and holographic options that we know you'll fall in love with!

Jewelry Holders

Our girl's jewelry holders are now better than ever! Girl's jewelry cases are great options for neat organization and putting away a little more than just your jewelry. Store some of your makeup tools here for easy access. Gorgeous jewelry hangers with unicorn icons or Eiffel Towers will work well for all of your pendant necklaces. You'll definitely love our girl's earring holders and stands that double as hangers too! You can perfectly place your earrings on here to prevent tangles, store your rings in its tray, and hang a few short necklaces so you'll never deal with obnoxious tangles again! It pays to keep things organized, and you can start your room upgrade with a cute jewelry holder.

Bedroom Accessories

Your bedroom deserves a glow up! Start with girl's wall decorations like our fabulous wall canvases with messages of inspiration and empowerment! You will fall in love with its cosmic and zen vibes that will transform your room into your little getaway. Add some dreamcatcher room decor with fun fringe or feathers for a little boho beauty in your room. Some cute picture frames to show off your besties or your pet will have you feeling super happy every day. Unicorn pillows will brighten up your most treasured spot...your bed. You deserve some sweet dreams with our options in pillows for girls.

About Home & Stationery

Girl's Stationery & School Supplies

It's about that time to get prepared for another school year! We're getting you ready for class with fab glittery school supplies, fun writing utensils, and so much more! Our girl's stationery is about to give you the fun study vibes you need to get through your daily classes! Furry koalas, bunnies, and pandas are about to keep you company this year and will have you taking important notes down. Some of our other sparkly school supplies include flamingos and unicorns with furry gel pens to take your note-taking to the next level! Use our stationery as a sketchbook or a journal to write down your thoughts on the school day. Either way, our fun stationery for girls is about to get you to class in style!

Keychains & Lanyards For Girls

Keep track of your keys and ID's with keychains for girls and girl's lanyards! Perk up your keys with a puff ball keychain, aka a pom keychain, to get your glam on in bright colors. We hope they're bright enough for you not to forget about them, but to make sure, we've added some cute animals like flamingos and unicorns to keep those keys warm. Mini backpack keychains in glitter and holographic are great for not just your keys, but for your loose change that you're gonna need for those vending machines (btw, grab us some hot cheetos while you're at it). Our cute keychains have no shortage of cute with Pusheen, adorable owls, and fun emojis, cause we don't think a boring girl's keychain will do you justice. For some extra sparkle, and keeping your ID safe, our girl's lanyards will give you the shine vibes and organization to put your mind at ease.

Girl's Drinkware

Get your hydration on with girl's water bottles and girl's tumblers. Anyone that loves unicorns will appreciate unicorn drinking cups for school or unicorn tumblers for girls that come in pretty colors. Cute tumbler cups are great for reusing and refilling to make sure you're getting your fill on water! Our cute cups with straws come in rainbows, mason jars, or happy bunnies. If you're wanting to show off some trends, you'll love our holographic water bottles and cups!

Cute Jewelry Holders

Organization doesn't just have to be in your books and bags; get started on full room organization too with jewelry holders for girls. Leaving your rings on the floor or having tangled up necklaces should not be an everyday occurrence. It should be a never occurrence. Make your parents happy with girl's earring holders to organize your studs and drop earrings so you'll no longer lose the back to your earrings. Take it a step up with earring and necklace holders that come with helpful ring trays. This is literally the best thing for your room! With fun shapes like hearts, cats, and emojis, keeping organized will make even you happy! Grab a girl's jewelry case showcasing your initials or fab sequins to decorate your bookshelf or your desk. Your room will get organized and decorated simultaneously with a cute jewelry holder!

Girl's Wall Decor

While you're busy organizing your room, lets start your room makeover with girl's wall decorations. Creating an atmosphere helps you study, and we love dressing up our rooms with dreamcatcher wall decals and more in dreamcatcher room decor. With a little bit of faux leather, feathers, and fringe, your room will start to feel like a comfy place to hang out in. To brighten up your walls, take a look at our canvases that come with inspirational messages or rainbow wall decor can amplify the brightness with all the colors of happiness! In case you were wondering, unicorn wall decorations are sold at Claire's. The world's favorite magical horse will definitely bring some shine into your room!

Cute Picture Frames

Take a look around your room and find a dull corner that could use a pink photo frame or perhaps a glittery photo frame. Use these girl's picture frames to show off your girl gang and how much you love each other. Grab a cute picture frame for photos with your family or to display one of your favorite memories. Our photo frames for girls are also meant for showing off your treasured fur baby. Your dog, cat, hamster, or sloth friend should get a spot in your room for sure!

Fabulous Pillows For Girls

Last on the checklist for your room glow up is glamming up that bed! Many of our pillows for girls have gorgeous reversible sequin colors that can change with your mood and make easy room decor changes. We definitely know you won't be able to keep you hands off of them! Our girl's pillows come in small and oversized sizes in case you have a bit of an obsession with something like emoji or letter pillows. We wouldn't even blame you because we have an obsession with unicorn pillows to capture those colorful textures like holographic and iridescent. Brighten up your room with girl's rainbow pillows and you'll surely get everyone's attention with a lot of color! We know you work hard, so you deserve some good rest on our snuggly pillows! Sleep tight!