Genuine diamond earrings now at Claire's
Genuine diamonds now at Claire's

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Best Friends Jewelry

Best Friends Jewelry

The cutest gifts for the cutest pals.

Jewelry For Teens

Jewelry For Teens

The cutest jewelry looks for over 12!

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

Elevated styles that make YOU sparkle!

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Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Round Stud Earrings - 3MM, 4MM, 5MM

Original Price$16.99 Sale Price$10.19 Original Price $16.99 Sale Price $8.19

Round Diamond Stud Earrings 1/10 ct. tw. 14kt Yellow Gold

Sale Price$104.99 Original Price $104.99 Sale Price $102.99

Silver 40MM Micro-Twist Textured Hoop Earrings

Original Price$7.99 Sale Price$4.79 Original Price $7.99 Sale Price $2.79

Gold Single Braided Ear Cuff

Original Price$6.99 Sale Price$4.19 Original Price $6.99 Sale Price $2.19

Mixed Metal Best Friends Heart Locket Rings - 2 Pack

Original Price$9.99 Sale Price$5.99 Original Price $9.99 Sale Price $3.99

Silver 16G Opal Stone Hoop Septum Nose Ring

Original Price$12.99 Sale Price$7.79 Original Price $12.99 Sale Price $5.79

Gold Mini Pearl Initial Pendant Necklace - C

Original Price$5.99 Sale Price$3.59 Original Price $5.99 Sale Price $1.59

2" Rainbow Glitter Lightning Bolt Drop Earrings

Original Price$7.99 Sale Price$4.79 Original Price $7.99 Sale Price $2.79
18K Gold Plated Earrings

18K Gold Plated Earrings

For your go-to jewelry essentials, we’ve got you covered at Claire’s — in 18k gold! Give your look some extra shine with our 18k gold-plated jewelry in all the styles. You’ll love these pretty pieces like our stud earrings with calico cats, crystal starfish and sparkling leaf designs. Go bold with trendy gold hoops, heart shapes and the most purrfect pawprints! Create your dream jewelry collection and wow the crowd morning, noon and night with our 18k gold-plated jewelry must-haves. Wear these shiny gold accessories to everything from school and festivals, to band practice and family dinners.

Multi-Pack Earrings

Multi-Pack Earrings

The ultimate collection for every style maven! Multi-pack earrings are some of our favorite jewelry things. What’s better than all the earrings in all the best styles? You’ll love how these multi-packs allow you to switch up your look, from simple studs to the sweetest holiday themes. Choose from a ton of the latest styles, like adorable daisies, rainbows, glitter llamas, pearls and all the studs you can ever wish for! Mix them up and change them up — have fun with multi-pack earrings from Claire’s.

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

Super sweet studs can easily sparkle up your look with shiny options, or get into new trends with geometric shapes for fashion forward looks. We even have multiples to give you the ear party looks you love. Mix different sizes, colors, shapes & metals for your first day glam to start your year with a lot of fab! Pick one or pick a few, studs are great options to have on deck for every single outfit for school.

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced is SO easy and safe! There's no need to make an appointment, just stop by your local Claire's store and our trained and experienced specialists will be ready to take care of you! If you're thinking about getting your ears pierced, we've expanded our services and assortment to give you the trends you love! We offer ear piercing sets equipped with ear care, or you can upgrade to our Rapid Aftercare Lotion that enables you to change your lobe earring within 3 weeks! Check out all the piercing options we offer as well as the hundreds of stud options, and fall in love with our selection!

Gift Ideas For Girls

Jewelry should be your favorite thing about your outfit! Put together some amazing fashion looks by adding Claire’s jewelry accessories to the mix. When you want a bit of dramatic effect, costume jewelry often takes care of drama and gives you all the fab you need. Girl’s jewelry throughout the years has gone through many trend changes, but Claire’s has done a lot to stay on top of what’s hot! Claire’s styles vary anywhere from the timeless simple pieces, like stud earrings, or big and beautiful like statement necklaces. Jewelry for teens has often been a staple among social media influencers, and never seems to discriminate against age, so we won’t judge parent who want to partake in it. Jewelry for kids is available for any child from age 3 to age 12. Your babies like to pay dress up and we know that quite well! Find adorable kid’s jewelry options for fun and play!

Stud Earrings For Girls

Stud earrings are a staple for a quick and easy add on for every person, for every style! If you have multiple piercings, change them up with multiple cute stud earrings made up of geometric shapes and balls. Pair up some black studs to add contrast to existing studs living on your lobes! The most common and the most versatile are silver stud earrings that match with almost everything. Consider these when you just want basic, every day, cute stud earrings.

Girl's Drop Earrings

Girl’s drop earrings are the stud earring’s slightly older sister who likes to hang out and draw attention. It’s okay to want a little attention! When your outfit needs a little something extra, play it up with dangling earrings for girls in various metals. Rose gold dangling earrings are among the most favorited options that you’d likely be able to match with your bracelet, necklace, and even your phone. If you can’t get enough rose gold in your life, stop now and take a look at our options! Sterling silver dangle earrings, just like silver stud earrings, are the most versatile and can flex its fashion muscles for any look. Even if you are wearing a basic tee and jeans, these babies can elevate the simplest look in a flawless way. Your most formal option comes as gold dangle earrings that are perfect for evening looks and formal events. Dangle earrings can transition between age groups with our assortment of dangle earrings for kids, should you need a mini version for school pictures, semi-formal, and formal events

Girls’ Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings for girls can be considered the drop earring’s twin sister, but is way more dramatic, in a good way! Rightfully so, if you consider the different sizes sterling silver hoop earrings are available in. Toddler hoop earrings are our tiniest sets for our tiny customers to give you an option away from studs in beautiful designs. Girl’s small hoop earrings are small enough for a “look at me” look, but big enough to be seen through your hair and make a significant difference to your look. Girl’s large hoop earrings are self-explanatory; big enough to touch your shoulders with no low key factors! The big beauties can be found with words or taglines for some extra sass, like “Queen” or “Sweet”. All that glimmers is ROSE gold! Find rose gold hoop earrings for those romantic looks you’re ready to bless the world with!

Cute Earrings For Kids

Life is too short for boring jewelry, so start them off young and take a glance at earrings for kids with sensitivities. There are plenty of cute earrings for kids that come in all your favorite shapes, like emoji characters, unicorns, studs, and drop earrings. Our nickel free earrings for kids go through rigorous testing before they hit our shelves and address the need for girl’s hypoallergenic earrings or earrings for sensitive ears. We also carry plastic earrings to meet those needs and to prevent any holes from closing. Our high quality kid’s gold earrings come in 24k gold plated options as well as 14k white gold if you’d like beautiful and dazzling glamour for your lobes!

Girl's Ear Jackets and Crawlers

At Claire’s, you’ll find options like girl’s ear jackets and ear crawlers for girls to play with multiple trends on your ears and cartilage! Crawler earrings may be a bit deceiving and only require one piercing while the earring itself climbs up your ears in cute designs. Check out rose gold ear crawlers made up of flowers for a mini arrangement on your ears. Larger, more elaborate crawler earrings will have a cuff near the top so it can hug your ears and be immovable for the whole day! Girl’s ear jackets are front and back beauties that can also be put together for your Ear Party. Our most popular options are geometric shapes for some contemporary, boho vibes!

Ear Cuffs For Girls

Cuff earrings require no piercing at all! These are your quick add ons to not just improve your look, but draw attention to your hair too! Fabulous ear cuff jewelry can also be as elaborate and gorgeous as our crawler earrings, and can be best seen when you have your hair done to one side. Ear cuffs for girls can also be as simple as a cuff design that hugs your ear without the frills and all the extras. These are great ways to highlight your ears and your hair with the right touch!

Clip On and Magnetic Earrings

Clip on earrings and magnetic earrings have evolved from your grandmother’s clip on pearl earrings. Find adorable clip on earrings for kids and for littles who don’t have pierced ears. We want you to still look as cute with clip on hoop earrings, dangle or tassel earrings, and magnetic earrings for your nose or septum. Wear it edgy, wear it trendy, wear it glam to the max with gorgeous clip on options!

Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Cubic zirconia earrings are your cost-effective approach to high-end glam! No one will know the difference once you put on a pair of cubic zirconia stud earrings! Put together your evening look with cubic zirconia drop earrings for a dramatic effect to your prom dress or your wedding guest attire. If you just like to sparkle on any day you’ll love to try sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings with that extra shine you need to blind everyone around you, cause why not shine?

Alternative Earrings For Girls

If you like to step outside of the box and regular old stud earrings in your lobes just weren't enough; you’ll LOVE our alternative earrings for girls that will style up your ears with conch jewelry, heart tragus earrings, and maybe top off that ear party with a titanium helix earring. Perfect and classy styles with simple designs will be your go-to while edgier metals or spike earring designs can be your going out look! We didn’t leave out industrial piercing jewelry either; find bars, spikes, and more in a gorgeous array of colors and gems to glam you up!

Cute Necklaces For Girls

Adorn your neck with cute necklaces for girls! Multi strand, chokers, and best friend necklaces for girls are really just a few of many you’ll love to wear! Sweet treats and foods are the best for sharing with your friends or if you just need the world to know what your favorite snacks are. Donut worry and give a donut best friend necklace to your BFF, or wear an ice cream charm necklace when you’re feeling sweet! In our necklaces for teen girls, we’ve selected trendy tassels and fringes that are both multi-strand and matched with other favorites like feathers or initials. What we love about our necklaces for girls is how you can play with multiple necklaces and layer it up to show off the perfect look! Grab some girl’s necklaces in long strands to amp up an evening look.

Fun Bracelets For Girls

Cute bracelets are a staple in any girl’s jewelry box! So if you are going for boho, rustic, or edgy vibes, check out Claire’s stackable bracelet looks! We know your squad means everything to you, so we have cute friendship bracelets for you and your whole pack! Find 2, 4, and 6 packs cause we don’t want to leave any VIP’s out! You can layer up these looks too with other bracelets like slap bracelets or snap-on bracelets in vibrant colors, or charm bracelets.

Charm Bracelets For Girls

Layering up bracelets doesn’t stop at just snap bracelets; keep layering with girl’s charm bracelets. Make it fun with trading your charms or adding on important pieces passed on to you as gifts, or personalize it with initials charms! Choose from adorable animal charms like turtles, piglets, or even a pug! Still hungry? Try a little avocado bracelet charm or play with fantasy and add on a unicorn charm. All of these cheap charms for bracelets will have you collecting all of your favorite things, just so you can show it off to your friends. Charm bracelets for kids are available for the little ones in flexible, comfortable materials.

Cute Rings For Girls

Pair your layered looks with adjustable rings or cute rings for girls that will look great in our gorgeous colors and fun shapes like critters and snacks. Find rings for teens in multiple rose gold ring sets, or keep your trusty mood ring close. Bling it up with royal-like fake diamond rings or blossom with rose-emblazoned rings for your more flowery days. Mixed metals and boho-style geode rings are the hottest trends in layering mix-matched ring looks. Midi and mini rings are a great addition to your digits and for more layering options!

Beaded Bracelets For Girls

Make it boho or make it edgy with girls’ stretch bracelets, and mix them up with gorgeous chain links or intricate designs for any event. Stacked beaded bracelets will look great with brushed gold, sterling silver, and other precious metals to create formal or casual looks. Since these are flexible and adjustable accessories, kid's beaded bracelets make great gifts for the trendsetter in your life! Stretchy beaded bracelets can do more than just complete a look; it can really amp it up with free spirit vibes that will make it unforgettable!

Cute Anklets for Girls

Dress up those feet with anklets for girls and beautiful ankle jewelry! Share with a friend with best friend anklets in mixed metals and adorable charms, or glam it up with sterling silver ankle bracelets for a special occasion! Wear it with heels, cute ankle boots, or sandals! We are here to adorn you head to toe with great jewelry for every occasion! Make your look unique with Claire’s jewelry and a lot of love. All you might need is love, but a little jewelry never hurt anybody.