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Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls

It's the season of magic and fright! Let your imagination run free like a witch flying in the night sky. Our Halloween costumes for girls are about to get you all the candy and get your selfies on point! You can dazzle it up or conjure less scary options with cute Halloween costumes for girls. We have something for your little cuties too in our toddler Halloween costumes with adorable add ons for hair and mini makeup kits. We're about to help you out and step up your dress up game with girl's Halloween costumes with jewelry, fashion accessories, faux hair, and a ton more!

Claire's is giving you easy Halloween costume ideas for girls with easy additions to create your own costume or complete a unique one! For scare or for cuteness, you can put on our costume jewelry for girls in different finishes that provide edginess or sass. If there's something we have a ton of, it's definitely our girl's costume jewelry that you can continue to wear after Halloween is over!

Girl's masks create mystery and you can count on Claire's to give you that dose of glam with extra flair in rhinestones and glitter. Find girl's Halloween masks in full faces or in simple appliques with long lasting adhesive to add to your eyes. You'll be able to keep the mystery going throughout your trick or treat adventures!

Girl's Halloween hats are here to top off your looks and give you chances to play with your hair or to make your look hassle free with a simple addition. Whether you're a witch or a skull queen, we'll have the right Halloween hats for girls to make your look flawless!

Halloween makeup for girls is what makes this holiday the most fun! Paint, highlighter, girl's Halloween gems, and ghoulish lipsticks are all yours to play with to create the perfect Halloween look. Girl's Halloween gems for costumes are great for creating a face mask or to place on your body for that sparkly unicorn or mermaid look! You'll have a lot of fun playing with our girl's Halloween makeup!

Some of our plush toys for Halloween can also put your costume together if you are dressing up as a zookeeper or a conjurer of ghosts. Claire's carries Ty Beanie Boos exclusives that are specially made for this holiday and can play a role in girl's plush Halloween decorations to add a dose of cuteness to your little ones room!

Fake hair for Halloween can liven up any costume! Girl's Halloween wigs can make your costume truly authentic and one of a kind! For some small touches, you can apply girl's fake hair extensions for Halloween with ease and without the mess of using real color on your hair. Just like your real hair, brush it out and take care of it to make it as realistic as possible. Say goodbye to your boring hair for a night!

You will have so much fun picking out cute Halloween outfit accessories! Find anything from tights, to gloves, to funky socks! Our usual assortment can contribute to the right look in so many ways, and our Halloween accessories for girls is what will give it that little something extra to make trick or treating a blast! Try on a cape and mix it up with an outfit from your closet. Grab a scarf to complete your outfit in our girl's Halloween accessories, and watch your costume transform! Here's your chance to really let your creativity shine!

Girl's Cat Costumes

It's meow or never! Perfect those kitty looks with assorted jewelry or hair accessories with our cat Halloween costumes. Add a few whiskers with makeup from Claire's and pick out some cat ears to match your look! Edgy kitty? Preppy kitty? Glam kitty? Get creative with gems and studs for the right girl's cat costume and paw your way through some tricks and treats!

Mermaid Costumes For Girls

You dream of the salt in the air and sand in your hair, so let's be mermaids! These ocean loving magical creatures can make beautiful and terrifying girl's mermaid costumes. If you want to go the mega glam route, gems, glitter, and lots of highlighter can make you into the perfect sea goddess! Try a darker sea siren look with darker faux hair and fanged teeth to transform into a carnivorous and scary mermaid. Our mermaid costumes for girls allow you the flexibility to change up the style of mythical mermaid you want to be! Get creative!

Girl's Unicorn Costumes

Speaking of mythical creatures, everyone wants to exude a bit of magic with the help of rainbows and glitter! We don't blame you (we love glitter). Let our girl's Halloween unicorn costumes show off your magic with hair accessories ready with unicorn horns and faux hair. With our fun unicorn costumes for girls you can utilize our makeup and loose glitter for that extra sparkle, and spray on hair color to give yourself bright and colorful hair! Show everyone just how real unicorns are!

Witch Costumes For Girls

We have gotten into some crazy obsessions with witches and wizards! With all the fandom surrounding it, we can't blame anyone for wanting to be a conjurer of spells and magic! Our girl's witch Halloween costumes offer a bit of sweetness or a bit of darkness depending on what you'd like to create. Amazing wigs and Halloween hats will complete your look along with fashion accessories like gloves and tights to give your witch look a style up. Any girl's witch costume from Claire's will give you a little shine and shimmer for your sassy witch look. Don't be afraid to glam it up with fabulous makeup like a dark lip or some gleaming highlighter. No need to make this your plain witch, this lady of magic has got style to match.

Skeleton Costumes For Girls

Skulls and skeletons have transformed Halloween into a spectacle to behold! Let those girl's skeleton costumes out of the closet and let creativity dress up those bones in amazing ways! In fact, there are many who take pride in some skull glam makeup all year round. Girl's Halloween skeleton costumes can be portrayed with some great fashion accessories, jewelry, and of course...paint! Play with some makeup options and turn yourself into a colorful skeleton, or use some gems to glam up those bones. A little glow in the dark can also amp up the terror on Halloween night!

Spider Costumes For Girls

Adorn yourself in spiders like you're queen of the arachnids! A hint of sparkle and a bit of shine will have you looking like spider royalty in our girl's spider costumes. Headpieces and jewelry will help you complete this look to score shrieks of terror! Phobias and fears will be tested once you try on our girl's Halloween spider costumes.

Girl's Bride Costumes

These aren't your typical bride costumes, all in white. These are the creepy blood bride kind that stem from your nightmares. Our bride costumes for girls will send chills down spines. Give it that extra dose of horror with a bit of zombie makeup, or try on one of our headpieces to complete the look with a bloody veil and all! These girl's Halloween costumes will win you all the screams and candy you want!

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