ShimmerVille FAQs


At Claire’s, we have a longstanding passion for emerging culture and are constantly reimagining ways to innovate and evolve in an ever-changing landscape. Our customers sit at the intersection of the physical and digital spaces. By creating a footprint in Roblox and bridging these two worlds, we have the opportunity to enter into a new frontier. One where we connect with our audience in the metaverse to inspire community and brand-love on a whole new level.

At its core, our brand’s purpose is to empower self-expression. And through this unique digital world we’ve created, we are able to celebrate this like never before.

Claire’s has created a fresh and original franchise as its entry point into the metaverse — ShimmerVille. This immersive world was created specifically for the player to enjoy, explore and experience. The possibilities are endless. We have big plans for the future expansion of ShimmerVille, not just as a virtual community, but also across physical products, original content and much more. Our entry into the metaverse allows our customers to enjoy Claire’s in the Roblox space. This is just the beginning! In time, assets and products created in ShimmerVille will also be available in the physical world.

Because we plan for this to expand beyond just Roblox, we didn’t want it to feel overly branded or like a marketing ploy — because it isn’t one! We see so much potential for this to grow into something much larger. Our mission is to create a community where users are truly free to be themselves. The name is also a nod to the shimmer and shine our products and experiences create for our customers when they wear them, establishing a fun and positive tonality that personifies the brand.

Not only have we entered Roblox, but we’re here to stay. We have committed ourselves to showing up as more than just a brand, but as a true community that will continue to grow and evolve with its players. ShimmerVille is a permanent fixture within the virtual universe, and we already have plans in the pipeline to combine forces with like-minded brand partners.

Our experience itself is also incredibly unique. ShimmerVille offers the opportunity to acquire vibrant, playful and expressive pet companions. Each has their own signature style, unique personality and innovative animations. These lovable pals come with endless possibilities, such as becoming physical products available across stores or even as hosts of their own show down the road.

ShimmerVille will dynamically connect products and rewards between physical and digital worlds, while properly making digital x physical projects mainstream at an impressive size and scale. Products from ShimmerVille will also be available at Claire’s retail stores in 2023. We look forward to sharing more information on the many ways we plan to expand ShimmerVille.

Our entry into Roblox and larger investment in Web3 expands our presence within the digital ecosystem and solidifies our brand power and continued growth. Roblox is an experience that amplifies through engagement and champions inclusivity and immersion; values we believe in and why we’ve chosen to invest in it.

We are looking at our entry into Roblox with ShimmerVille as an investment in the future of the brand. One that will allow our consumer to connect with Claire’s in new ways by giving them a place to be when they can’t be there physically. ShimmerVille is an immersive, unique and deep experience that brings the IP to life in a way that more traditional media cannot.

Roblox also has over 52 million daily users as of Q2 2022, with over half of its community being 13+ and the fastest growing age group being 17-24 years old. Through creating a space within Roblox, we are opening ourselves up to consumers (both new and old) within our brand’s target age demographic.

We also see Wonder Works as an incredible partner. The next-generation interactive media and gaming company is known for its expertise within Roblox and innovative experiences within the gaming metaverse.

We take the safety of our audience seriously. This is why we chose to enter the metaverse on Roblox, a platform frequented by a younger demographic. With that in mind: Roblox’s mission is to connect billions of users with civility and optimism and support a safe and diverse community — one that inspires and fosters creativity and positive relationships among people around the world. Our platform aims to uplift and empower all demographics of consumers, ranging from young to old and everything in between.

A large percentage of Roblox daily active users update their avatar daily. Virtual clothing items provide a way for people to dress the way they want, wear their most loved brands, and express themselves in the metaverse. We want to make sure that members of the ShimmerVille community can not only reflect their personal style in the virtual world, but also in the real world — which is why we plan to expand with physical products too.

A prime example of this is our upcoming collaboration with MeganPlays. Together with Megan, a notable figure in this community, we’ve created a special line of products that embody the vibrancy of her world across a physical collection of jewelry, hair accessories, backpacks, plush toys and more! Each partner we bring into our world will add to the ShimmerVille experience by allowing us to add new merchandise, exclusive pets, themed vehicles and houses, and to create special events and experiences that draw new players and garner more excitement.

With the launch of ShimmerVille, our aim is to be one of the top games on Roblox. One way we plan to reach this goal is by offering a large array of branded merchandise that lends itself to this generation’s love of changing up their style based on how they’re feeling each day.

We also want to drive a desire for people to play often, creating a real sense of community. Through ongoing merchandise drops, a collectible pet system with a rarity structure, opportunities for acquisition and customization (houses, vehicles, wardrobe, etc.), and a highly-personalized experience, members of the ShimmerVille community will establish a sense of belonging.

We also have big plans to expand our partner experience and programming as we grow within Roblox, collaborating with like-minded brands and influencers to drive constant news and value and to connect with new users.

By partnering with well known and like-minded Roblox influencers such as MeganPlays who have already built a following within the space, we are able to engage their audiences, creating a forum for them take their audiences into our world in a way that positions our brand as one that members of the community will want to interact with and learn more about.


In ShimmerVille, players are welcomed into a true community, complete with six uniquely interconnected destinations:

  • Central Park - at the center of the experience is Central Park, which features an amphitheater to host community events and live experiences.
  • Pet Park & Orb Store - the town’s pet adoption center and play park where players can choose from a unique collection of pets and critters.
  • Claire’s C-Style Mall - just like in the real world, Claire’s invites players to work and purchase trending merchandise, home furnishings, beauty treatments, and vehicles to personalize their avatars and game experience.
  • Claire’s Café - a place to enjoy a beverage and deliciously digital snack.
  • Bungalow Valley - players will stake their claim and build their dream home in Bungalow Valley.
  • The Galleria - players can visit the Galleria for an ever-changing schedule of events and fun partner experiences.

Powered by its own unique economy, players can earn digital currency through fun retail jobs, playing a number of mini games, or just by spending time in the experience. With their game earnings, ShimmerVille residents can invest in endless opportunities including accessorizing their avatars and pets with an ever-growing selection of fashion and jewelry; building, decorating and personalizing their homes; purchasing vehicles to cruise around town; and gaining access to special events and partner experiences.

Players can also use their earnings to collect one (or more) of ShimmerVille’s 15 unique pets, so they can have a virtual companion as bright, playful and expressive as they are. Eventually, we will add additional functionality where players can trade their earned assets in exchange for a rarer pet, special edition merch, or bigger house. The strategy behind the game play is to give consumers as many opportunities as possible to engage via elements that create ‘gotta have’ experiences.

When they join ShimmerVille, players are invited to create and style their own custom avatars, so they can immediately set themselves apart and celebrate their individuality. The game also offers interactive emotes which enhance interplay within the social-virtual experience. Additionally, players can build and decorate their own homes and acquire pets that best suit their personalities.

We will also track game play activity to see where the experience is working and where we can improve. Our aim is to exceed player expectations. In the future, we would love to add a consumer creator element that invites our community to create and collaborate.