Skater Accessories

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Skater Fashion Accessories

The skater style was popular in the 60s-70s and made a massive comeback in the 90s. It’s now making an even bigger comeback with classic checkerboard patterns, black and white patterns, and brightly colored accessories.

Claire’s has many skater accessories to help you keep up with the skater fashion trend.

Find Your Skater Fashion at Claire's

Take a pair of shorts and pair them with black and white knee-high socks. Add checkerboard-style headphones to listen to your favorite band to complete the look.

You’ll love our ace of hearts drop earrings. Or why not check out black and white dice drop earrings for a more daring and rebellious look? Fans of stud earrings will love our Lovely Romance collection with lip-shaped studs, cross-shaped studs, cherry-shaped studs, and much more.

We also have a collection of bold black and white temporary face tattoos. They come in yin-yangs, black flames, checkerboard hearts, and flowers.

Why not rock a black and white tie-dye mini backpack that doubles as a crossbody bag? Add one of our cute beanie hats to amp up the outfit.

Whatever outfit or look you want to complete, Claire’s the accessories for you. Check out our selection online or in-store to rock all the skater styles.