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You can sign up for the C.CLUB program online at https://www.claires.com/us/loginor in participating Claire’s retail stores.

Yes! All previously earned points and Rewards from Claire’s Rewards will show up in your new C.CLUB account.

You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for C.CLUB in the United States.

Nope! You do not have to make a purchase to join C.CLUB.

It’s 100% free and easy to join!

Yes, you will get a welcome email explaining all the C.CLUB perks, plus 20% off as a thank you for joining!

The C.CLUB program is limited to one Rewards account per person. If an extra account has been created, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194 to discuss your options for combining accounts in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Log into your existing claires.com account. On your “My Account” page, click the “Join Now” button to start the sign up process.

Please contact customer service at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194 for help.

You can discontinue your C.CLUB account by logging into your online account on claires.com and accessing the preferences section of your account settings. You can also contact customer service at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194.

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You will earn a $5 Reward coupon for every 100 points accumulated. Members earn 50 points for every purchase (plus even more when you reach Bestie status). That’s right, as long as you spend $0.01 or more, you get points! And you only need to shop twice to get a Reward!

You can earn points for qualifying purchases in our stores and online. You can also earn extra points for other engagement activities. When you join C.CLUB, benefits of membership include, but are not limited to: 20% off your next purchase, a birthday surprise (if you provide us with your birthday), annual Anytime Rewards, exclusive bonus events and promotions, and early access to product launches.

You will earn 50 points for every purchase made online or in a qualifying store* when you identify yourself as a C.CLUB member by providing your email address (or phone number, if applicable) at the point of purchase.

Any purchase totaling $100 or more will earn 50 additional bonus points. This is limited to one purchase per day.

To earn points on claires.com, you will need to log into your account before making a purchase. We also offer other opportunities to earn points for completing certain activities. We provide information about these opportunities through notices posted on claires.com and in our stores.

Your 20% off welcome offer will arrive via email after you join C.CLUB.

As a Level 1 member (Friend), you will be sent $5 off via email on the first day of your birthday month (only if you provided your birthday prior to the first of the month). Your Birthday Surprise is valid for the full calendar month of your birthday.

C.CLUB members that get a piercing qualify to receive one FREE pair of earrings (valued up to $17) every month for a year! You can learn more about this benefit here: https://www.claires.com/us/rewards/free-earrings/

C.CLUB has two membership levels. You will automatically become a Friend when you sign up. It’s FREE to join and offers tons of awesome benefits!

When you spend $100 or more in a given calendar year (Jan 1–Dec 31), you will become a Bestie. Besties get the most perks!

C.CLUB members can qualify for Bestie status by spending a minimum of $100 within a given calendar year. Purchases can be made in a qualifying store, online at claires.com, or in the app. Returns or purchases made via gift cards will be subtracted from the annual net spend calculation.

When you qualify for Bestie status, your status is secured for the remainder of the calendar year, plus one additional calendar year. In the second calendar year, you must spend $100 minimum to maintain your status for year three.

For example: Spend $100 or more in 2024 to qualify for Bestie status!

You will keep your Bestie perks for all of 2024 AND 2025.

In 2025, you will need to spend $100 or more if you want to maintain your status for 2026.

When you qualify for Bestie status, you get more out of C.CLUB! Besties earn 75 points for every purchase, receive a Free Gift just for qualifying, get a special birthday surprise, receive double the Anytime Rewards and more!

Congratulations on becoming a Bestie! When you qualify for Bestie status, you will receive an email with your Free Gift offer. Show this email in-store to redeem any time before the end of the calendar year.

Your shipping benefits will apply automatically at checkout! Just make sure you are logged into your C.CLUB account.

Friends will receive free standard shipping on any order totaling $20 or more before taxes and fees. Besties will receive free standard shipping on any purchase with no minimum spend.

An Anytime Reward is exactly as it sounds! You choose when you want the Reward and we will issue it to you ASAP.

Friends get one $5 Anytime Reward annually. Besties get two $5 Anytime Rewards annually.

Log into your claires.com profile and go to the My Account page. You will see an option to Activate Anytime Reward. Once you select this option, you will be issued bonus points in accordance with your Reward amount. Then, 5 days later you will have your Reward!

Qualifying stores include all Claire’s branded retail stores in the U.S., including Claire’s Walmart stores. You cannot earn points for purchases of Claire’s merchandise sold at other third-party retailers.

Level 1 customers (Friends) earn 50 points per purchase totaling $0.01 or more. Only one purchase per day will qualify for points. For Claire’s employees, only one purchase per week will qualify for points.

Sometimes points may be offered on a “one-time only” basis for certain activities, in which case you will be limited to earning those points only once, even if you engage in a qualifying activity more than once.

Points bonuses and promotions are also limited limited to once per customer per day. For employees, these are limited to once per week.

Points are issued for purchases totaling $0.01 or more and are calculated after any discounts or coupons. You cannot get points for previous purchases, online shipping, taxes, purchases of gift cards, charity donations, charges for plastic shopping bags, gifts with purchase or other giveaways, among other nonqualifying activities as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

You automatically get a $5 Reward coupon for every 100 points earned! The coupon will be issued via email 5 days after reaching the 100 point threshold. You can find your Reward coupon(s) displayed in your online account at claires.com. Any unused points expire 12 months after earning. Reward coupons expire 90 days after being issued.

Please contact customer service at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194 for help. Make sure you have your receipt available when you call.

The points for your qualifying purchase should appear in your C.CLUB account within 36 hours of an in-store purchase or online order shipment.

We hope you redeem your points on a regular basis, so you can treat yourself! All unused points in your account will expire 12 months from the date they were earned. Points remain “unused” if they are not converted into a Reward coupon, so make sure you reach 100 points to get that Reward!

Reward coupons expire 90 days after they have been issued. You can check your C.CLUB account to verify Reward coupon expiration dates. You can also find the expiration date in the email you get when your Reward coupon is issued.

Redeeming your Reward coupons is easy! Just provide your email (or phone number if applicable) during checkout at a Claire’s store. The store associate will take it from there and apply the Reward coupon(s) to your purchase.

We make that easy too! Just log into your C.CLUB account and select the Rewards you want to apply. You can also enter the promo code at checkout or apply Rewards to your online order by selecting them from the Rewards window in your cart.

You can check your point balance in your online account at claires.com, by asking a store associate in any Claire’s store, or by contacting customer service at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194.

Reward coupons are issued 5 days after you have reached 100 points. And you can get a maximum of five Rewards per day! If you earned more than five Rewards, you will receive five Rewards per day until all earned Rewards have been issued.

We will send you an email with the Reward coupon(s) or you can get access via your online account at claires.com. You can also check your available Rewards at a Claire’s store by providing your email to a store associate.

You cannot purchase gift cards, pay for online shipping, pay for plastic bag charges, or make charitable donations using your Rewards, among other nonqualifying purchases as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

Yes, Reward coupons are one-time use only. If the entire amount is not used, the remainder is forfeited. To use a Reward coupon online, your order total must be greater than the value of the Reward before taxes and fees. A $5 Reward may be used on an order totaling $5.01 or more.

There is no limit to the number of Reward coupons you can earn within a month. But you can only receive five $5 Rewards per day.

If you have earned more than five Rewards, you will receive five Rewards per day until all earned Rewards have been issued.

You can redeem multiple Reward coupons for a purchase in-store by notifying the store associate of how many you wish to redeem. You can redeem multiple Reward coupons online by selecting multiple Rewards from the Reward window at checkout.

A minimum purchase of $5.01 (before taxes and shipping charges) is needed in order to redeem your Reward coupons online at www.claires.com. If redeeming multiple Rewards, the order total must exceed the value of the Rewards you want to redeem.

Points will be removed if the full value of a purchase is returned. If the purchase is partially returned, points will not be removed.

If you make a full return after a Reward has been issued, the relevant points will still be removed and your balance may turn negative.

If you return an item bought using a Reward coupon, we will refund the dollar amount you paid for the item. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the Reward coupon.

No. At this time, you can only earn C.CLUB points for purchases made in U.S. stores that are paid for in U.S. dollars.

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There are a couple of reasons why. Internet service and email providers often mistakenly send incoming emails to Spam/Bulk/Junk email folders. Please check if your email is in one of these folders. If you still cannot find our email, it could be that your email address was miskeyed when you signed up. Please contact customer services at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194 and we will be happy to research for you.

IMPORTANT: Please add [email protected] to your personal email address book to help ensure our emails are delivered to your inbox.

Do not worry! A store associate will be able to find your available Rewards when you provide your email at checkout.

You can also find your Reward coupon code online by logging into your account at claires.com.

Another option is to contact customer service at [email protected] or by calling 1-800-804-7194 for help.

You will need to re-subscribe to our email list using a different email address from the one attached to your C.CLUB account.

You can adjust your email settings or contact your email provider for guidance on how to remove an email from your spam/junk mail list.

Update your preferences in your online account at claires.com to stop receiving emails. You can also unsubscribe via the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all Claire’s emails. You will continue to receive Reward coupons and Reward program information as long as you remain enrolled as a C.CLUB member. If you wish to discontinue your C.CLUB membership, please contact Customer Service at [email protected] or 1-800-804-7194 or update your preferences in your online account at claires.com.